16 May 2013

We live in a crazy, weird world...

...where the killing of children is legal.  Crazy, huh, that a culture like ours which is supposedly so smart and rational to allow such a thing to happen.

Jim and I had a long conversation last night about the whole trial of Kermit Gosnell and that horrible case that is in the news from Cleveland.

Gosnell was an abortionist who was charged with 3 first degree murder charges of cutting the spines of babies who were born as a result of his botched abortions (even though many more than 3 babies died in his 'care').  In Cleveland, several women were kidnapped for years; abused, raped, and held prisoners.  Some had children, and now details are coming out that the man who held these women beat them so badly during some of their pregnancies that it caused an intentional mis-carriage....I'm reading reports here and here that some want to hold first degree murder charges against this man for the deaths they intentionally caused on those mis-carried children.
here's the crazy weird part, folks.  hold onto your socks.

So how are those mis-carried babies of the women who were abducted in Cleveland any different than babies who were born as a result of failed abortion attempts??? I mean come. on. Science doesn't lie, look at the facts.  Either those "fetuses" are little human persons or they are not.  Gosnell was convicted in the murder of three babies, BUT if he had done it just a bit earlier, it would have been perfectly legal.  But now, some folks are demanding justice for the lives of babies who mis-carried in the Cleveland case.  Does anyone else see all the crazy in this?!

Let me go a step further.  Most of you probably remember Laci Peterson?   She was 7 months pregnant when she went missing and was abducted, and her body and the body of her son were found in a lake not far from where she went missing 3 months later.  The sadness and outrage of Laci's family/friends led to led Congress to pass the Unborn Victims of Violence Act (also called "Laci and Conner's Law"). So a law was created to honor the lives of Laci and her son, Conner; which basically states if a pregnant woman is murdered, a suspect can be tried for two charges of murder: the mother and the child she carried.  So basically there is a law in state that characterizes an unborn fetus as a "human", but at the same time Roe v. Wade which is the law of the land in the US says an unborn little person is not human and has no rights.
I really believe that if the media talked about this Gosnell case, it would absolutely destroy the the rationale and logic for having abortion on demand in our nation...because once you look at the science/logic of it all (in my head), I just don't really see how it works.

And so our conversation over this horrific case in Cleveland, the whole Gosnell case, and even remembering Laci and Conner Peterson have got me thinking and praying more and more...on what we have to do to accomplish and be the change you want to see in the world.

From Sandy Hook to those women in Cleveland who suffered greatly, we have MUCH to pray for justice/healing/peace/hearts to be changed in our world...


  1. I didn't know about that law!!! That is really interesting..... I try not to get too political or opinionated in social media, but your post made me think, isn't everything that the government is trying to make legal with abortions today kind of counterproductive to that law? That's so ridiculous to me.... I'm glad you shared and I'm glad for that insight! I wrote a paper about abortion for my philosophy class last semester and since then, I've been so obsessed with the abortion stuff going on. Have you ever seen October Baby? It's based off of a true story about a girl who was adopted and was born because of a failed abortion! it is really good! It's on Netflix, if you have that, and want to watch it!


  2. Amberly, I have seen October Baby...it was pretty good, and when I found out it was a true story, it blew me away.

  3. It's pretty insane isn't it. It gets me so worked up I don't even want to think about it. Things are so backwards these days with so many things. I pray & pray!

    1. You are right..."pray, hope, and don't worry." -St. Pio

  4. You´re so right. I was also talking about those cases to my husband. People are so outraged at the guy who kidnapped the girls and would want to go after him for murder but then it would open up the debate over the death of so many other babies that are killed in abortions. So we will see. Also, I did not know about the Laci Peterson law, how interesting, yet the media never talks about it. I´ll tell my husband about this law. We have to pray a lot because this world is upside down.

  5. You are so right...there is much to pray for! Thanks for stopping by:)


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