27 May 2013

Coffee & Conversation #2 {Modesty}

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Awhile ago I linked with Kalyn for a bi-weekly link up she hosts.  The question today was really thought provoking and made me think, so I decided to link up with her and add my thoughts:)

This week's question: How would you describe modesty for the modern woman?  Why or why not is it important in today's world?

I think in our world sometimes modesty gets a bad rap.  People think to be modest or a lady, you have to wear long, boring skirts way past your ankles or wear something as exciting as a paper bag for a fancy evening out with your boyfriend/husband.  I have met folks who understand modesty as a young woman who is old-fashioned, a prude, and/or boring.  All of these I think are false images of what modesty is.  And sure, dressing to have all your "parts" hanging out for the world to see isn't such a hot idea also for a variety of reasons, but modesty is more than just how you dress.

In my family of origin, I grew hearing and understanding what modesty is.  I remember having a lot of good conversations with my Mom and younger sister on what it means/looks like to be a true lady.  My Mom taught us that modesty has a lot to do with how you respect yourself.  She always reminded us that modesty really is more about understanding your true dignity as a daughter of the King, like we are Jesus' little princesses ( as little girl who LOVED playing dress up, I took to heart this analogy).  Modesty is important yes in how we dress and represent ourselves to the world, but modesty also is connected for how speak and treat other people.  My Mom told my sister and I "Modesty is not just a one time deal, but a life style choice...you live it out in many different ways by witness of your life."  So as we were little girl's growing into to teenagers and then young women, she lovingly encourage us throughout growing up: is the way we are speaking to or about another person being respectful of my/another's God-given dignity?  Are the outfits we choose calling others to respect not only our physical body, but our heart, mind, and soul as well?

In reflecting on what modesty is for the modern woman, I look back to the conversations with my Mom and sister over the years.  Modesty for the modern woman is not just merely on how you dress (although yes it is a piece of the equation), but it is more of a lifestyle and a mindset.  How we speak to and about others, a selfless heart of compassion, striving to live a life of virtue, and genuine humility.  By living a lifestyle of modesty, we can bring hope and joy into a broken, hurting world.  A world where women are abused, not loved/respected, told they aren't beautiful/thin enough, do not understand their God-given dignity, etc.   
I think modesty is very important and needed in our world today, and I think is so wonderfully summed up in the above quote (This is actually in my prayer journal as a constant reminder for me in my life! :).  We live in a fast paced, hyper-sexualized world, that underplays and overlooks what it really means to be a woman today.  My own life witness and the witness of other woman can help empower and encourage women who want something different for themselves; who want to find their true purpose, meaning, and dignity.  I certainly don't claim to have it all together or that I am this walking poster board of modesty perfection 101, but I continually strive and work it.


  1. Your mother was a wise and loving woman for teaching you and your sister the true meaning of modesty. The quote is so true. We have enough of the women who exude the world's version of how a woman should behave. We need the women who aren't ashamed of their modesty to stand up.


    1. Thanks Sophia! I agree with ya that we need more courageous women to stand up! :)

  2. Wow--sounds like your mother did a GREAT job teaching you about modesty! Hats off to her!

    1. Thanks girl...yeah, my Mom, I like her. I think I'll keep her ;-)

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    1. Thanks Stephanie!! :) I think a good understanding of modesty is really needed today...


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