22 August 2019

The Best Advice I Received as a Single Woman

I think I have the best spiritual director in the whole world.

And yes - I completely acknowledge I am slightly biased. ;)

She is a laywoman who was my favorite professor in graduate school. I attended several of her classes and she coached me on the development and writing of my thesis. She is passionate, wise, discerning, and challenges me when needed. She is a woman of faith and strength I greatly admire and respect. 

I like to think someday when I am her age I will reflect some of the characteristics that I admire in her.

At a recent appointment, I was processing with her a recent breakup with a man I had been dating for almost a year. While I was sad, I had perfect peace about why it was the best decision for me in my life. I was talking through some things and starting to over think the next steps to take in my life with being single, dating, and stepping outside my comfort zone.

We were sitting in comfortable armchairs, and with a twinkle in her eye, she leaned forward and said to me, "Patty, be open. Just show up. There is no formula for life."

I took a long, deep breath as if to allow those words to settle in my spirit.

She repeated them again as if to make a stronger point for me to understand.

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