21 October 2016

The Crazy Things People do for Chocolate Milk & Bananas

Linking up with Kelly again for a round of Friday Quick Takes...

It is a joke at races that you get a free bag of snacks after crossing and getting your medal. Sure I'll run fast and furious for a free banana and chocolate milk!
So glad I did it :)

Already mentally talking myself into a full marathon for next fall and I am thinking of joining a running group to help with the training in the new year.

One of the best things about races are all the people that come out to cheer runners on, but even better are the hysterical (and sometimes inappropriate signs) people make and bring.

Some personal favorites from this race?

- All toenails go to Heaven!
-If Trump can run, so can you! (saw this one lot in Windsor!)
-Run Now, Poop Later! (Sorry Mom, my personal favorite)
-May all the porta potty lines be short and non-smelly
-Smile if you're not wearing underwear!
-Don't forget you paid to do this!

Nothing like a good laugh to keep your energy up and focused ;)

As I neared the finish line, I spent a lot of time thinking about how I can do hard things. We all can do hard things we never thought possible. Those 5 words have come to be the perfect mantra when the going gets tough.

I'm crazy into time tracking my life right now and creating a strong morning ritual. These two books are game changing for me. I'm amazed at how logging my time is just showing me how much time I can waste away. 


I'm kinda a nut when it comes to following podcasts. I have favorites I love and love looking for new ones to check out.
A new one I just discovered is The New Activist . They are connected with International Justice Mission whose passion is to end slavery in our lifetime.
Check it out!

I'm new-ish to drinking coffee (since last March). While my favorite is a good latte, I'm realizing a good coffee machine of espresso maker may be worth the time. I love Earl Grey tea but this morning two cups later and I was still dragging...

Any suggestions on good brands you like for coffee machines, espresso maker, and/or favorite brand of coffee?!


Next Sunday is the Confirmation liturgy at our church. One of the smaller projects of my work week was creating some type of signage for the Archbishop to know where to park. The sign is complete with a stick-on miter and crozier on red paper. Hopefully he doesn't miss it ;-)

Happy weekend-ing! :)

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20 October 2016

Read, Watch, Listen, Follow

One of my favorite podcasts has a feature where every so often the ladies share what they are reading, watching, listening, and following.

I'm always on the hunt for new running music or book ideas to add to my reading list. So I thought it would be fun to share and maybe get some ideas from you too.


New Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton

Thomas Merton: Essential Writings 

The Writing Life by Annie Dillard


Honestly. Just re-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Pre-gaming for November 25th.

I need some new suggestions of worthy watching on Netflix. Suggestions? I'm all ears.


Right before my race, I decided to treat myself to a few new tunes to spice up my running playlist.

American Authors -Believer

Coldplay -Sky Full of Stars I listened to this as I ran across the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor. Kinda fun with watching the sunrise as a backdrop:)


Upside Down podcast

My friend Shannon started this new podcast with three other girlfriends. It has this cozy feeling like I'm sitting down for coffee with all of them, and they have interesting topics all focused on life, faith, and culture. Good stuff!

And you?!

What would yours be?

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17 October 2016

You Can Do Hard Things.

The hardest things in life sometimes are the best teachers.

Yesterday I finished my 3rd half marathon. 

It was the second time I ran this particular race, last year was my first time. My time didn't improve by much, but my pace was steady and consistent the entire time. Heck the last 3 miles, I felt great and finished feeling more energized than exhausted!
So much so, I know next year I am going to run the full marathon...because I can do hard things.

The last few miles of races I use as a time to just reflect on life over the past year and count my gratefuls. I started thinking about all the many times in my life I have told myself I can't do certain things. Those times I have talked myself out of something because I thought it was "too hard." 

In that final mile, I started repeating to myself, "You can do hard things, you can do hard things." As I approached that finish line, those words just rolled around in my mind so much so I started tearing up as finished. Those 5 little words mean a lot to me.

Yes, YOU can do hard things. You don't need to run away from the hard things.

Stop telling yourself the lie of "I Can't" or "Its Too Hard." Replace it with the life-changing truth of "I Can Do Hard Things." And when you start to believe that in your core, an amazing transformation starts in your soul. You begin to undo all those self-imposed lies. 

I have told myself (and too often believed) so many lies over the years; lies that have held me back emotionally and spiritually. I told myself I couldn't live on my own and take care of myself financially. I told myself it would be too painful or scary to start a new life on my own. I told myself I was not fit enough to run. I told myself it would always hurt, that the pain and sadness would follow me forever. I told myself I won't survive this or will not being able to trust again.

We all tell ourselves lies. Yours are probably different than mine. The lies we tell ourselves are only true if choose to believe them. The choice is up to us.

I am doing hard things I never would have imagined. But that's the beautiful part because the hard things are transforming and shaping me into a stronger, more refined woman. I am done lying to myself, I've wasted too much time on it. 

Stop lying to yourself. 

You can do hard things.

Neve say never.

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