20 April 2018

I use and love them. Maybe you would too?

Yes this is a post with affiliate links.

But here is the thing. All of these items (or similar ones) I have in my own home and have benefited me personally.
In case you interested, I want to share them with you. Also I really think you would enjoy them.

I have written here before how much my life has been benefited from the personal friendships that have formed through being a part of Blessed is She. This has been amazing.

But even better, has been the personal spiritual growth and a deeper desire to read and study the Bible.

There are several new products available in the shop, specifically focused on Sacred Scripture and the study and application of it in your home and daily life.

Up first: 

The Blessed is She Academic Planners are on sale right now BUT the pre-order will be ending soon. And yes the planners always sell out.
The cool thing about this year is that there are two sizes now - the standard, 8x10" and now a mini version.

Both of the planners still come with all the popular features - liturgical information, weekly planning sheets, and follow the academic year. They will be shipped this summer, so grab one now before the pre-order ends.

Curious what the lay-out of the mini looks like?
Well here is a sneak peek. There has been feedback for awhile on a smaller size, so here it is.
You can pre-order yours here.

Personally, I love and will be sticking with the academic planner. I like a larger size. My favorite part is the weekly planning pages before each week. It leaves me feeling organized and focused.
You can pre-order yours here


The four-part study guide on the rosary (Mystery) is still available. I am actually going through Believe right now over Voxer with my friend in California and we've been loving it so far.
You can order all four in a bundle here or individually at the same place.

And, the first ever Catholic Journaling Bible is still for sale. While I have written in my Bible for years, I am learning how to be okay that my Journaling Bible is not terribly colorful or creative.


The brand-new Scripture memory cards are a great way for you to memorize more Scripture on your own or with your family. I am still debating where to hang mine up in my apartment, but I am excited to hang them this weekend.

That's it friends! I hope that was helpful or maybe you at least have a good gift idea for Mom for Mothers Day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

We may hit 50 degrees this weekend in Michigan. #heatwave

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17 April 2018

Hope & Healing Through Annulment

I was super excited to be on the podcast of some dear friends of mine, talking about divorce, annulment, and why the Church has to get better at having this pastoral conversation.

You can listen to it here.

If you have not already subscribed to the Fountains of Carrots podcast, be sure to get on that as well.

Thanks again Haley and Christy for having me on!

I loved being with both of you! :)

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12 April 2018

My Awkward Relationship with the Rosary

There I said it out loud.

I am a cradle Catholic that loves the Blessed Mother. I have went on Marian pilgrimages twice.

But I still struggle or have a hard time when (not very often) I pray the Rosary.
I definitely have a regular daily prayer life.

But with the Rosary? 
Eh, not so much.

My friend Bonnie recently shared some similar honest feelings. She is one of the writers for the newest Blessed Conversations series called Mystery and each book is a study on a different decade of the Rosary.

Gorgeous, right!?

I was pretty excited when I saw this as a new product coming out. 

After finishing the Lent journal, I was looking for something to do in the Easter season. So I am excited to start with the Glorious mysteries. I am actually going to do it virtually (through Voxer!) with my friend Laura.

I know a study on the mysteries will not necessarily translate me to praying the Rosary more frequently. But right now, I think it is a good place for me to start. 
You can order them as a bundle or an individual booklet and they are available as digital downloads too. All of those affiliate links are mine - so thank you for using them! :)

Don't forget that pre-ordering for the academic planner is now open too. And this year we have a second option with a mini planner.

My copies are supposed to arrive in the mail by Wednesday or Thursday. 

I am looking forward to slowly praying my way through the different mysteries this Easter season.

Does anyone else have a sometimes "awkward" relationship with praying the Rosary?

I would love to know what is helpful for you!

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