15 October 2020

Annulment Post Roundup

By this point, you know one of my passions when it comes to ministry is working to create better support and resources for divorced and civilly remarried Catholics.

Lately, I have done several podcast interviews on the topic as well as have some writing published on this and other similar topics.

Today I thought I would create a roundup post on the topics of divorce and annulment as a Catholic. 
Maybe it will be helpful for you or someone you know.

Online Articles:

Today I had a piece published with Grotto Network on what to know about getting an annulment after divorce.
I also have a few other articles on Grotto that may be of help or interest: How to rebuild after divorce and 4 resources to turn to after a divorce.

I write regularly on CatholicMatch and here are a few recent articles I have written over the last few months, more specifically on annulments: debunking 3 myths of the annulment process, what should I do if my marriage was annulled?, and why you really need that annulment.


My friend Alissa invited me on her new podcast, Universal Voices, to talk about my heart for divorced and civilly remarried Catholics. Oh and I also talk about my deep love for Bruce Springsteen.

My online and IRL friend Rakhi had me on her podcast about a month ago to talk about the lessons I have learned from my divorce and the beauty of boundaries.

Next week, October 20th from 3:00-4:00pm (eastern) I am doing a webinar at Ave Maria Press and presenting on what the Church needs to do better to support divorced Catholics.

I am excited and a bit nervous for this webinar. I am told I will be presenting to hundreds of people. I hope you will join us or share with people you think may be interested.

Thank you for supporting my work and encouraging me!

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01 October 2020

What Three Rom Com's Teach Us About Healthy Relationships

Who loves a good movie!?

Personally, I am a fan of the old classics when it comes to cinema. I grew up on Westerns and WWII movies with my dad. My mom introduced me to musicals, the wonderful world of Alfred Hitchcock, and romantic love stories with some of the greatest leading men and women.

What I love about movies, even ones not necessarily religious or faith-based, is that they still have powerful themes that speak to the depths of the human spirit. I love a powerful, well told story! 
Story lines with redemption, heroism, and the triumph of good over evil. Movies can convey deep messages that resonate with the human spirit.

I don't know about you, but the last few months of the pandemic have felt both overwhelming and exhausting at times. There are days it has been difficult for me to stay focused and living in the present moment. 

So let's take a lighter, more fun approach to movies today...

What can some of our favorite Romantic Comedies Teach Us About Healthy Relationships?

Well a lot, actually.
Don't blow me off here.

I promise you there are lessons to be learned!

Let's dive in and take a look at some popular rom-coms and see what they can teach us when it comes to dating and healthy relationships.

More specifically, let's take a look at the movies You've Got Mail, Return to Me, and While You Were Sleeping.

Head over to CatholicMatch to read more  . . . 

What other rom coms do you think have lessons to teach us about dating and healthy relationships?
Is there anything else that is missing?

I would love to hear your thoughts! :)

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28 September 2020

Tips for Finding the Right Therapist

By now, many of us know that going to therapy is a great option for dealing with particular mental health issues, getting through difficult life situations, or generally helping us toward a happier, healthier outlook on life. However, we might not realize that not all therapy is created equal. Finding the right therapist for you can help you get to the root issues that might be recurring in your life and disturbing your peace.

I have learned this in my own life: I had seen a therapist on and off since college. I struggled with generalized anxiety, exacerbated by particular life situations from time to time. This anxiety included intrusive, obsessive thought patterns and feeling anxious in friendships and relationships. I would go for a time to various therapists, but nothing ever really seemed to change. 

I never really got to the root cause of what kept bringing me back to counseling over the years. I learned coping tools and skills, but never got down to the foundational issues and things I needed to work through.

In the winter of 2013, I found myself in a suddenly unstable marriage. I needed to dig deeper into my own issues to help myself resolve the dysfunctional situation I currently found myself in. As I began to recognize that I didn't want to face this alone, I joined a 12-step support group for wives who found themselves facing the same thing I was facing in my marriage. You see, I was in a relationship that wa rampant with multiple addictions. 
While I knew I needed tools to help me navigate this, I also knew I needed to work on my own baggage. 

Knowing I needed to do my own therapy work, I asked the women in my support group for recommendations for good therapists, and interestingly enough, several of the women went to the same therapist. It was this therapist, Mary, who helped me get to the foundational issues I was dealing with. She helped me heal and change in ways I never knew I needed, and to this day I am a better woman because of her.

Finding a good therapist often takes trial and error. It's often like dating: it takes time, and there is a period of getting to know and trust each other. You might find the right fit right away, or it might take a few different people before you find the one you "click" with.

In my own life, it was definitely a journey and process before I found someone who was the right fit for me. From that experience and talking with other friends looking for a good therapist, there are a few helpful things to keep in mind on your own search.

Read the rest over at Verily  . . .

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