29 May 2013

5 Favorites {vol. 7}

Wowzers.  Been over a month since my last link up with Hallie.  Be sure to check out the link up party at her place:)

This. Chobani.
Last Friday, when I went grocery shopping I came across these little "mini's" of chobani yogurt.  What sold me was the raspberry flavor and the chips of dark chocolate swirled through (um. yes. please??!!).  Very tasty for an afternoon snack or part of my breakfast routine...the only downer is that for 3.5 oz it is 3 Weight Watcher points.  That is high for Greek yogurt; especially when I can get the normal size for 2 points.  Slight bummer, but it doesn't take away its yumm factor:)

15 cal Minute Maid lemonade

With summer on its way, this is very tasty way to do lemonade 
without all those extra calories...for ya'll Weigh Watcher fans it is 0 points; major score!  It is REALLY quite dee-lic...it is quickly becoming my new favorite beverage of choice in our home. Tart, fresh, crisp taste that if summer had a flavor it would be this flavor.  Do yourself a favor and get some next time at the grocery store.


This FREE printable!

Which can be downloaded at this lovely's blog

And which I framed up earlier this week and is sitting on our bookshelves in the living room:)

Picture not great quality...it looks better in person


This artsy design in a friend's bathroom

 This may sound creepy.  So last night was the first meeting of my women's group.
At some point I went to the bathroom (which by the way, the gal who hosted
us lives in the most adorable house).  I saw this cool, artsy designs above the fixtures in 
her bathroom.  Aren't they cute??  Any idea's where you would get them??

These. Chips.

These tasty things go splendidly with my #2.  Lately when we are feeling like an unhealthy snack, these HIT the spot.  A big yumm factor all around.
And after ya lick your fingers to get the sea salt/vinegar taste, washing it down with a crisp glass of lemonade just hits. the. spot.
I could be an advertiser for food tasting! ;-)

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  1. Yes about the chobani raspberry chocolate yogurt! The kids think it's for them since they are small and I'm all like "Mommy's special yogurt!!!" I packed some in their lunches this week since we ran out of healthy cookies and now I'm going to have to share all the time, bummer! haha :)


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