24 May 2013

7 Quick Takes {vol.9}

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Kaitlyn from Wifessionals has this neat thing she had started on her blog called the Cara Box Exchange.  What it is is bloggers from all over the US are paired up and spend a month getting to know each other through their blogs.  You send a package to a gal with all kinds of goodies based on her likes and the theme for the month and a letter of encouragement.  May was the month where everything had to be something related to the state you live in.  So I got a lovely box from Zohary in California and sent one to Katherine in California.  Who doesn't love getting things in the mail, right??  It was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to participating in another Cara Box Exchange in the future:)

Here are some of the things Zohary sent me...doing a reveal post on it over the weekend:)

Jim has started going to a local men's group through a nearby church.  One of the leaders was telling him about an upcoming retreat the second week in June (6-9) in Pittsburgh.  It is called "Into the Wild."  Basically it is a wilderness experience full of different wilderness activities like survival skills, fishing, weaponry, wild game food prep, outdoor construction, and more.  It is also Catholic so there are opportunities for Mass, Confession, and talks on man's role in the family as protector and provider.  He was all pumped up and after watching the video I was pretty impressed too!  If you know of any men in your life interested have them check out this video.

 More details at: www.intothewildweekend.com

I have never really been much of a Kohl's shopper much.  A few weeks back we went out shopping for Jim to get him a nicer, more professional wardrobe (You know its bad when a Dad gives his son all his old jeans and ties from the 80's).  Because we got a HUGE tax refund back, we set aside some money to get him some clothes.  We got a ton of things at Kohl's; to the point we earned $90 in Kohl's cash...which I went to buy a couple cute summer things last Saturday. Two tops, pairs of sandals, and an adorable coral Lauren Conrad skirt that was on the clearance rack, score!  So I just think I may have come around awesomeness of Kohl's :)

As of last Sunday, it is exactly 2 months till we leave for the World Youth Day festivities in Rio.  I'm starting to get more excited.  I have ordered some things for our pilgrimage online, so I've been getting packages almost every day this week.  You know you're going to a WYD when ya get excited about seeing travel toilet paper packets and toilet seat covers.  Tomorrow a Youth Minister friend is leading a retreat for our group and another group joining our journey to Rio, should be a great day!

Next weekend Jim and I are going up north to his family cottage in Canada for little family trip to celebrate his Mom for Mother's Day.  The deck overlooks Lake Huron, and its really beautiful at sunset.  We're going up Friday morning and coming home Sunday afternoon, so it will be a nice little get away with his family:)

 We went grocery shopping rather early this morning.  I'm kind of weird but I actually rather enjoy grocery shopping and find it kind of fun! I'm excited to try some more new recipes in the coming weeks: easy peasy skillet lasagna and skinny taco chicken chili.  The crock pot is actually up and running and cooking our dinner for tonight; crock pot chicken taco's.  We've been on a Mexican food kick, and it helps that most are Weight Watcher friendly!


Sunday and Monday are going to just be quiet days around here, we're thinking of having a picnic lunch or something.  Other than that, looking forward to relaxing and maybe getting lost in a good book:)

Happy Friday!


  1. Take a lot of WYD pics and post them. I for one would love to see those.

    1. Ohhh I totally will! Cannot. wait. :)

  2. Nothing weird at all about loving grocery shopping--I think a lot of us do! It's actually the only chore that my husband and I would both like to have. I'm glad you're really getting into cooking! I keep thinking I should give you a few of my favorite recipes.


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