26 May 2013

May Cara Box Reveal

Who doesn't love to get ol' fashioned snail mail (I mean other than bills!)??

I finally did a Cara Box!! Anyone ever heard of Birchbox or any of those kind of things? Well, Cara Box is essentially a system where you get paired with a blogger to send to and receive from each month. And you send items of a certain amount based on the theme as it pertains to her interests.  It was created by Kaitlyn from Wifessionals.  I heard about when I started following Kaityln's blog, and it sounded like a neat way to meet other bloggers too.  Anyway. Here is the reveal of this month's exchange.

I was paired up with Katherine from The Newsom's Nest.  She and her husband live in southern California where he is in the Marines.  Katherine hails from Texas, and is just such a sweet woman. The theme for this month was to send things that represent/your match likes, but with a twist it has to represent the state you come from.  I'll admit at first I was wondering how to pull this off, but I think it ended up going well, and Katherine really seemed to enjoy it.  I sent her bamboo cutting board in the shape of the mitten because Katherine likes to cook, some Sander's chocolate and milk chocolate dessert topping because she loves chocolate and definitely has a sweet tooth (local MI product), a bottle of Vernor's ginger ale (local MI product), a cup that can be used for hot/cold drinks because Katherine likes o drink sweet tea and the best part is the mug said "Don't mess with the mitten!", and I included a letter of encouragement for her.  I had a lot of fun putting together a Michigan friendly box for Katherine:)

I received a great box from Zohary at A Grace Fueled Life and she also hails from California but in the San Francisco bay area.  She put together a great box of some wonderful things for me!

There were some dee-lic chocolates from a local California company but are not pictured here because Jim and I devoured those bad boys.  The red journal is because I really love to write and always have multiple prayer journals.  The book behind it is a Christian fiction book that actually takes place in San Francisco which is where Zohary is from.  The sparkly earrings are because she could tell I'm kinda a girly girl ;)  Right behind the earrings is some lavender hand soap; it smells so good! On the right side of the picture up front is some adorable measuring spoons and behind it some garlic oil since I'm trying to start cooking more.  Next to the cooking supplies is a fresh lemon scented candle...it's smells so good, I could almost eat it...almost. ;-)  The measuring spoons and the candle got a little busted on the trip out to Michigan, but nothing a little crazy glue can't fix.

It has been great getting to know these two ladies through their blogs, and I really enjoyed participating in my first Cara Box exchange.  If you're looking to meet and connect with other gals in the blog-o-sphere, consider doing a Cara Box exchange sometime!
Be sure to go and visit these lovely ladies!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!


  1. What a cool way to get to know other bloggers! You mentioned Vernors, whenever any of my out of state relatives visit us here in Michigan they bring an extra (empty) suitcase with them. Before they leave, they load it up with Vernors and other local products to take back with them, and there is nothing better than Sander's hot fudge sauce!

  2. Yeah Megan, you should really check it out!! That's awesome, I simply LOVE Sander's hot fudge, sometimes I eat it straight outta the jar, lol!! ;-)

  3. I am guilty of eating straight from the jar too! Another great Michigan product is Pinnconing cheese spread, really delicious!

    1. Ohh YES! That stuff is good too...cannot believe I didn't think of that too, another fav! ;-)

  4. Mmm, those are fantastic gifts, I want some chocolate now!


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