26 May 2013

The recipe that helped my crock pot and I become besties :)

For those of you who are married, did you ever get a gift from your wedding shower and/or as a wedding gift that you thought, "Oh geez, I'll never use that thing!"??
For the longest time that's how I felt about our crock pot.
 I should also add for my birthday the year we got engaged my aunt got me this top of the line crock pot; we're talking primo stuff here folks...so fancy it even comes with a meat probe.  Anyway, I was searching on Friday afternoon before we went grocery shopping looking for some new Pinterest recipes to try.  Lately, neither of us just cannot seem to get enough Mexican food.
So I was really excited to try a new twist on taco's, but it also gave me a chance to whip out our crock pot since the fall.

The "Crock Pot Chicken Taco's" were a HUGE hit with Jim, and boy oh boy, were they super freaking easy too!

 Ingredients were: 6 boneless chicken breasts, 1 packet of reduced sodium taco seasoning (we used Old El Paso reduced sodium), and 1 16 oz. jar of salsa.  That's it. I know, easy peasy, right??

Put all the ingredients in the crock pot...I also made sure to mix the taco seasoning in some with the salsa to make sure they flavor got around.  Cook on 4-6 hours on high or 6-8 hours on low.

We let the crock pot boil and simmer all day, and Friday night when we came home from a good hike in the woods, our apartment smelled SO good!  After cooking the chicken all day, it's really easy to pull apart and be shredded.

 The one mistake I learned the hard way, is drain the chicken really really good before making into taco's.  I went to take a bite of it from my hard shell taco, and it fell apart on my face from the shell getting to soggy.  Mild mess on my face and shirt, but nothing Shout can't handle.

It's funny because every time I make a new recipe and ask Jim what he thinks of it he answers, "Oh this is even better than the last one we tried!"  I must be getting better:)

Crock pot chicken taco's earned thumbs up all around and full, happy tummies!

Happy cooking!!!

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  1. Definitely knew I would use my crock pot (I had my mom's old one with me at college and made a lot of soup in the winters), but had no idea why I even registered for a pressure cooker. And it just so happened that was the first wedding gift to arrive. I still haven't used it, almost 3 years later, but it's been packed away this whole time since we've never had a kitchen large enough to unpack more than half of the kitchen stuff we got for our wedding. Not entirely sure if I would have used it even it we had it easily accessible though!


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