19 August 2015

Mindless Eating & 1 Question to Keep You Accountable

This summer, I have slowly started reading more books on real food and healthy eating. One of the best books I read was one all about mindless eating. It was absolutely fascinating! I was amazed to see how many hidden cues and persuaders that surround us on a daily basis that impact how much we eat and our food choices. 

What made me think the most was when the author specifically studied the science behind mindless eating and asked one particular question to help you keep in check why exactly you're eating (real hunger or mindlessness).

The next time you're watching TV and feel like you need a snack or are just bored stop and ask yourself this simple question: If I'm really hungry, would I eat an apple right now? If you're really hungry, a proper fuel choice such as an apple or some crunchy veggies is what your body actually needs. But if you're thinking that pint of Ben and Jerry is the answer to your "hunger pains" you're definitely towing the lines of mindless eating.

The power behind is this that mindless eating and actual hunger are two totally, completely different things. If you're truly hungry, that means your body needs nutrients and the proper fuel to keep moving. If you're not really hungry, then its more about a craving or using food even as a way to distract yourself from certain feelings and emotions. 

Part of the reason I stay connected and follow Weight Watchers is because I know my relationship with food can be a little twisted and it needs more improvement and growth. And mindless eating is one of those ways I need to become more self-aware about. Even beginning to ask myself this question has helped me see how mindless eating is as second nature to me as brushing my hair. 

I see how much power food has and how easily I can misuse it. Heck, just last night as I was putting finishing touches on our first batch of homemade laundry soap I started snacking, both mindlessly and endlessly. Why? Well because I wasn't paying attention, didn't care, was bored, etc.

The more I read and get into running I am seeing how food really is fuel for my body, and not just about living to eat. With my first half marathon in October, I want to prep my body well and give it the best possible fuel. I want to better understand how the right foods will actually make me stronger and hopefully run faster. Mindless eating is something I'll always have to be aware of and intentional about. But I am surprised how asking myself that question has helped keep me a little more in check the last few weeks.

What's your relationship with food like? How do you keep yourself honest and in check with mindless or emotional eating? Dish below, I want to gobble up all your suggestions!

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  1. I don't really have anything insightful to say except that during the healthiest times in my life (eating wise) I have used the apple question religiously. I think it's a really good measuring stick of good relationship with food as fuel.


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