14 August 2015

Going Paste-less//An Adventure in Toothpaste-less Living

No we are not crazy.

For awhile now, I have slowly been getting into natural living and using less chemicals at home. Heck this weekend I am gonna try for the first time and make our own laundry soap! Watch out Pioneer Woman.
I have been amazed at all the ways hazardous chemicals are in so many different products we use daily in our homes. I love getting inspired by other bloggers trying new idea's to live a more natural life; like when Olivia went on her toxic deo detox.

A good friend a mine had a Norwex party at the beginning of the summer. Norwex is a company that works to create and offer products for people to radically reduce chemicals in their homes. They everything from window cloths to toothbrushes that don't require toothpaste.

So as Jim and I looked together at the catalog, we both were instantly struck by these toothbrushes that don't even need toothpaste. So how does that work?? 

The toothbrush has microfiber bristles that have an INCREDIBLE amount of surface area and "grabby" power that lifts off the strep bacteria that cause cavities and bad breath. It also has silver in the brush bristles that when met with water is a way for the toothbrush to actually clean itself. A self-sanitizing toothbrush?! I know. #crazy

Yes we do still keep toothpaste at home, and use it on occasion because honestly who doesn't like the minty aftertaste? And Jim is a mouthwash snob so he uses that as well. 

I go to the dentist in a few weeks. Gotta wonder what that conversation goes like when I tell her I am going paste-less...
But one thing, no mo paste at least gives me back some dignity when tooth brushing. Because more often than I'd like to admit I looked like this:

Are you into natural living and using chemical-free products? What are your favorites? Why is it worth the effort for you and or your family?

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  1. We've make a lot of things but I have found toilet bowl cleaner and laundry detergent just aren't as effective for us. We buy mainstream cleaner for those things. And somethings we've just stopped using like fabric softener, shaving cream, and candles. I buy Ava Anderson and other truly non-toxic products for the things we buy. It's either exhausting or expensive!

    I am very very curious about this tooth brush! We just switched to Sonic Care brushes with a baking soda + essential oils toothpaste. I'm curious about the next dentist visit too!!!


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