10 August 2015

The Makings of Genuine Sisterhood

Making real friendships over the years for me at times has proven difficult and confusing. It has taken me awhile to find "my people." This past Saturday, reminded me yet again of the important need for real, genuine sisterhood in my life.

On a whim over the last month, Rakhi, Jenna, and I decided to host together a BIS brunch to ladies of southeast Michigan. What started off as pondering over a Facebook message, turned into the loveliest morning with over 40 women present. 

Great food, beautiful women, an awesome talk on authentic sisterhood by Mary, and did I mention we had mimosas coming out of our ears?! ;-) I don't know how to describe but there is something so enriching for my soul to gather with other women and just be together. 

Mary gave a heartfelt talk that hit home with all of us on what makes up genuine sisterhood. Her inspiration came from C.S. Lewis' words on friendship. But being the spicy gal Mary is she tweaked them a bit to relate to talking on sisterhood: "Friendship is born at that moment where one person says to another: What, you too? I thought I was the only one."

True sisterhood begins to blossom and grow when you can look at each other and say "What you too? I thought I was the only one!" Sometimes as women it is so easy to feel alone; alone in our jobs, vocations, marriages, and certainly our struggles and burdens. We cannot have true, genuine community if we hid behind our masks and keep pretending. 

Mary specifically mentioned affirmation, honesty, and unity in prayer as tangible things that make up genuine sisterhood. We have to be willing to be real with each other. Lay down our messes and stop hiding behind the allure of a picture perfect Instagrammed life. We as women need to be each other's cheerleaders and affirm the heck outta each other!! This is crazy important especially as the culture today does more using, abusing, and objectifying of women than has ever been done before. And how can it all work together if we are not united in prayer?! 

All of us need each other, no matter our vocation or job status. As the culture grows more toxic, women of all ages need each other for support and encouragement. Each of us has gifts that we can share and use to build others up. And somehow when we can come together united in our faith, the world seems a little less scary and threatening. I become encouraged and know I am really not alone.
Some of the richest and most meaningful friendships I have developed over the last year have felt like the words of that C.S. Lewis quote. 
When I know I am not alone it gives me courage to keep trucking onward...and to share that with other women is exactly what makes up genuine sisterhood.

What do you think makes genuine sisterhood? Have you ever experienced that with a community of women in your own life? How has that made a positive impact in your life?

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  1. I have really felt isolated living in a "new" area (for the last 2.5 years and counting). It seems there's no way to have real connections with like-minded women in the area. Just this weekend, though, I noticed two other young couples in attendance at Mass and I thought, "Okay, so we're not the only ones." The church (a small mission) was more full than I'd ever seen it before and I really hope that continues as the school year kicks off this week. It would be great if more opportunities presented themselves as a result of increased attendance!

  2. I love this post, and that quote by C.S. Lewis is perfect. I think it's so important to remember friendship is a give and take and sometimes you just have to be the listener, and to have fun!

  3. Do you know what I find to be SO interesting? How many of us women are longing for community and yet, how very hard it is to find it. I think, honestly that's the greatest blessing of 'blessed is she' and the brunch you hosted. You (rakhi and jenna) made community accessible to us, when sometimes it seems so hard to make possible. I was thinking about it and the morning, the menu (sorry, it matters), the time frame, etc... all helped to form this perfect little gathering. Heck, even the fact that it was on a Saturday. It's so hard in our world of busy to make time for true and lasting friendships, I think JC would be proud of how hard everyone worked to make it possible for this window of time. I look forward to seeing what SE MIchigan is gonna bring to the table in terms of Blessed is She!!!

  4. This is so great, Patty! I'm so happy to hear of what a wonderful blessing the Brunch was to all of you. I think that's really neat that you guys had a speaker to help spur conversation. Good idea to tuck away for our next! ;)


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