11 August 2015

Goal Setting that Creates Change//6 Months Later

I have always been intense on setting goals and working hard to achieve them. Sometimes I would flake out and give up, but other times I would rock it out hard-core style like this training for a half marathon insanity.  

I began a new adventure in 2015, a different but more intentional way of chasing after my dreams and goals in life. For awhile now, I had been hearing about these things called powersheets, a product created by Lara Casey to help people strategically plan their goals while focusing on what really matters in life. Sure a stack of papers in a binder are not magic and don't just figure life out for you. But the intentional work and focus I have put in them the last 6 months has really stretched me in the best possible ways.

What I have found most helpful about using powersheets are the prep work to help you get started. It gave me space to write down big dreams, while honestly reviewing what worked and didn't work for me the last year. I became reminded of the purposeful living I wanted more in my life, and what really fires me up and fills my soul.

As I began working through my goals over the last six months, I began to see little by little that action+patience+grace makes things happen. I realized that getting something done is more important than having it perfect.

Where I succeded/grew:
  • Exercise became a regular part of life...go figure I actually like it now! I never realized how prioritizing my physical health would help me love myself better
  • Learned how to be more spontaneous and live life less by a schedule
  • Read A LOT of good books (so far I'm already up to 36 this year!)
  • Boundaries and less negative self-talk
  • Embracing more simplistic way of life
  • Keeping a gratitude journal
  • Forming genuine friendships

Where I struggled:

  • Even with growth in more structured social media use, I saw how MUCH it can overtake my life and prevent me from enjoying the present moment in front of me
  • Becoming aware of codependant and mothering tendencies in my marriage (thank you therapy:)
  • Making my phone an idol
  • Trying to stick with doing a pure social media fast every other weekend...pretty much crashed and burned here
  • Journaling about my feelings every single day (thank you therapy X2)
  • Creating structure every morning to make time for both running and prayer/Scripture reading 

Six months ago when I started my first set of powersheets, I was uncertain and fearful about a lot of things in life. I had big dreams but seriously doubted how or if I could make them a reality. But here I am six months later, and life feels a little more intentional and richer. Life is not by any means perfect, but it is filled with more simplicity, joy, and peace.

Are you into goal setting? What helps you make your dreams and goals happen? How do you not lose focus?

P.S. If you are interested in finding out more about powersheets, head over to Lara's website. For the next year, she will have several different options for using the powersheets in your life. Go check them out, I personally have found them very helpful and encouraging:)

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