29 July 2015

5 Tips for Audrey Hepburn Style on a Budget

For decades, women have been influenced by Audrey Hepburn's chic and effortless style. Over-sized black sunglasses, multi-strand pearl necklace, ballet flats, and a black cashmere sweater with simple slacks; this woman was the epitome of elegance and class in her day.

One of the things I love about these old Hollywood movie actresses is that they didn't try so hard to dress well. It seemed almost effortless, they played up their natural features and used simple design concepts that always looked flawless and beautiful. No Botox in this lovely bunch.

In terms of clothing and fashion, I have always been drawn to simple, classic look. As I have been simplifying our home and possessions, I have been going through my closet with a fine tooth comb; clearing and the junk and making room for the pieces I only absolutely adore. Doing this is teaching me it doesn't have to take tons of money to have a great wardrobe and feel great bout the skin you're in...all while not busting the budget.

1. Opt for Basics
When my Mom took me shopping as I got older, she always taught the importance of stoking your closet with good basic pieces: black pumps, pair of slacks, 1 or 2 skirts in neutral colors, a blazer, etc. Little did I know, she was teaching me the ways of Ms. Hepburn well before I saw her on the Gap commercial

One thing about Audrey is other than awards shows, her simple style set her apart. She actually preferred basic pieces (skinny pants or simple dresses) to the trendy stuff. By investing in some solid basic pieces, you actually save money overall on your wardrobe. I have been going through my own closet, making a list of certain basic pieces I am looking to add into the mix. Simple pieces you can't go wrong with include: trench coat, white tailored button-up shirt, pencil skirt in 1 or 2 neutral colors,  well-cut blazer, and ballet flats.
By starting with the basics, you can easily add color and accessories, while looking impeccable.

2. Go for a Low-Maintenance Haircut
Audrey Hepburn was known for her simple pixie haircut and she looked stunning in it. It can be tempting to go all out for the highlights and fancy style that takes a lot of work, but simplicity is what Hepburn is known for. And that goes with her hair style too.

Now I loved curling my hair when I had long hair, however, the longer my hair would get the worse I would get about styling it every morning. There can be a point where dry shampoo and messy buns just get old. Several months back, I hacked my hair, we're talking like 7ish inches. Now its a simple lob all one length and styling my hair is a snap. Wash-and-go and low maintenance is something Audrey was all over.

3. Skip the Trends
If you were to ask 100 people to use one word to describe Audrey Hepburn, I am pretty certain none of them would use the word trendy. 
Keeping up with fashion trends is too much work, not to mention it doesn't do any favors to your budget. 

4. Accessorize, Accessorize!
Some of Audrey's most iconic movie pieces were her accessories-for example, the crown she wore in "Roman Holiday" or her chunky necklace in "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Sure these things also often went with her costumes, but Audrey was also known for her gorgeous head scarves, gloves, and sunglasses.
Where some folks today focus on keeping up with the hottest fashion trends, learn from Hepburn and focus more on basic pieces and accessories.

5. Simple Makeup
Even without makeup, Audrey Hepburn had natural beauty. But when she wore it, she used it to highlight one feature at a time. She either would do simple eyes with a bold lip or heavy eye liner with a more natural lip color. Whichever way she went, it always looked timeless and just right without being too heavy.

How do you keep within your budget when it comes to clothing and fashion? 
Any tips or tricks that have really helped you?

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  1. So good! I need more neutral pieces. Like some black skinny jeans. That's number one on my wish list right now. Great post Patty!

  2. Audrey's hair was the inspiration for the long pixie I rocked for a few years in high school. I've always thought that her hair is just so pretty! I think my own clothing style is a touch louder, as far as colors go, than hers, but I loved seeing what she wore in just about every movie she was in. :)

  3. Love this! Although I have trouble investing much in basic pieces, still... I just can't stomach high prices for a constantly changing body! I *do* have an awesome black wool pea coat I spent a fortune for 10 years ago that's still going strong though, so maybe sometimes I'm willing to splurge :)


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