15 March 2013

Friday Quick Takes {vol. 4}

Another Friday link up with Jen...be sure to check out her website for other fellow quick taker's...

--- 1 ---
Best thing of the week for me????? This guy.  Pope Francis.
I wrote another post here about my thoughts about all this awesomeness for the Catholic Church this week. 

--- 2 ---
You may want to skip this one.  Okay really Piers Morgan???  If you are going to have people who identify themselves as 'Catholics' on your show, at least get people who semi know/understand what's going on.  I mean many of us already saw how Penn Jillette was better able to articulate Church teaching than you were (sorry but its true).  I'm not naive, sure many people who self-identify as Catholics have varying views on faith and morals in the Church, I get it.  But, on national TV if you are going to represent the entire Catholic community, PLEASE get people who know what they are talking about.  Piers Morgan (CNN) had Martin Sheen (a self-described committed Catholic) and Mia Farrow (who openly said she left "Rome") on his show last night talking about the election of the Pope Francis and the future of the Catholic Church. #Really? #IsThatTheBestYouCanDoPiers? Arrrggghhh...something that kinda drives me bonkers at times.

--- 3 ---
Today through tomorrow afternoon I'm going on a retreat with other Youth Minister's from our Archdiocese.  I've been looking forward to it for awhile.  It's always a great time gathering with other church workers for some fun and relaxation, and most importantly be reminded of the awesome task we are doing by helping build up the Kingdom of God.  Prayers please for all going :)

--- 4 ---
My social media fast of no use past 7pm has been really hard to stay on track this week with Pope mania everywhere.  I keep picking myself up and starting fresh, but gosh its hard some days.  It makes me realize how much we are connected to all our media stuff, for better and for worse.  It's great absolutely, but sometimes its important to also pull yourself away from it too.

--- 5 ---
Jim has been on spring break this week.  And while I'm on retreat today into tomorrow afternoon he will also be attending with my folks a charism school for lay people at a church near us this weekend with Damian Stayne.  He is a lay leader and a Catholic Charismatic evangelist from England who has traveled all over the world teaching people how to understand charisms and be able to give a personal witness.  I'm joining Jim and my parents tomorrow evening after my retreat ends, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he learns from the weekend.  Prayers for all attending that too please.

--- 6 ---
This book. By Colleen Carroll Campbell.
My Mom got it for me for Christmas and I'm just finishing it, but mostly because I read several different books at a time.  SUCH a good read.  It is her life story of re-discovering her Catholic faith and how several different women saints have helped her grow, understand, and work through life; very touching, personal, and a good gem for women everywhere!

--- 7 ---
And lastly, this dear one makes me smile...I've already printed it out for a poster in our Youth Room...
Have a great weekend everybody!
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  1. You know, it's amazing how horrible reporting is when it comes to the Church. Just amazing.

    Also, how can I get that meme on facebook? I have GOT to share it with my cousin.

  2. I loveee the meme! And I've been so bad at lent.. especially with girl scout cookies.. mmm. I hope you have fun at your retreat!

  3. Agree with your comments about Piers. SO frustrating.

  4. I'm super interested in reading that book. Prayers for your retreat! God bless!

  5. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I am so happy to know that my 'Dear Teenage Girl' post is something you think will help you disciple your youth group towards Christ and the virtue of Chastity. Please let me know how it is received!
    #5: Love the Charisms!
    #6: I just ordered the book by ColleenCC and can't wait to read it.
    God bless you, Cindy

  6. I'm actually not Catholic myself, but...I was baptized in the Church, and went to a small Catholic university. So if it's not heretical and not blasphemous...I still identify a bit as a Catholic. I have a deep love for the church, especially since that's where both my parents met Christ. Anyways, my husband and I are both really excited about Pope Francis, too.
    And I agree with you about Piers--he is, actually, a very poor journalist. And a bully. Don't get me started!


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