08 March 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday {vol. 3}

Linking up with the lovely Jen again this week...check out her website for other fellow quick taker's...

--- 1 ---
Do you ever have one of those days were you feel like you have gotten nothing accomplished??  Wednesday was that day for me this week.  In July I'm going to my third World Youth Day in Rio.  Crazy exciting and slightly stressful at times.  I spent most of the afternoon between calling our travel agency helping us with travel plans and the Brazilian consulate in Chicago trying to clarify exactly what documentation we need to obtain our visa's for Rio.  Fun times as the Group leader!

I'm very thankful our group consists of a total of 6 people.  And I'm really excited because my Dad is also coming as our male chaperone.  SO excited to share this experience with him, especially since its his first trip out of the States.  I know some Youth Ministers who have taken over 30 people to WYD's past...I admire them for that, but don't think you could pay me to do that!  Excited to celebrate with 2 million Catholics from all over the world...oh and yeah, a new Pope!?!? I think so:)

--- 2 ---
I don't even know where I came across this one, but it popped up on my Facebook feed yesterday afternoon.  If you have never been to the Sistine Chapel (heck even if you have!) you should take a
a look at this website: Its the site of the conclave. Use your mouse for the tour. Move around and zoom in and out.  Sure its not as good as seeing it in person, but a good second option!
--- 3 ---
Thursday I had a day workshop on Youth Evangelization in our diocese.  It's always a good time gathering with friends in ministry and getting ideas, input, and practical tips how to reach the young church in relevant ways with the awesomeness of the Catholic faith. 
 2 awesome things happened at the workshop.

1.  I met this DRE who has workshops and trains folks in ministry how to create their own websites. but good websites.  I'm so stoked to head to her workshop in May especially since lately I cringe when I look at our Youth Ministry section on the parish website...its been on my mind for awhile to do something about, and this lovely lady was like an answer to prayer! score.
2.  For closing prayer at the workshop, we watched this video....really enjoyed it! Thinking something to maybe show to teens...they also have a website at www.anygivensundayproject.com

--- 4 ---
Jim had two big papers due this week for school.  He also made it two back to back all nighter's.  Needless to say, he is one tired bear.  On the agenda this weekend is some major sleeping/relaxing for Jimbo and I'm starting to write my paper for my Trinity/Christology class and puttering around the apartment.

--- 5 ---
I'm actually getting a makeover done on my blog!!! I have been using these free templates for a bit, but there is only it seems so much you can do with it.  I'm looking forward to seeing what Shannon comes up with...if you're looking for design idea's, take a look at her website.  Thanks Erika for recommending her to me! 

--- 6 ---
Okay. This one is a question.  My friend Mary posted last week in her quick takes on how to disable the security thingy that makes you prove you're not a robot.  Sounds great to me, but how do I actually do that??? Any of you know how to dismantle it?? Thank yee kindly :)

--- 7 --
Bragging alert below!  Jim is really handy with fixing stuff around home.  Earlier this week, one of the toilet's got clogged.  Apparently if you fill up both of the bathtubs at the same exact time, and then empty at the same time while flushing at the same time it does something to the pipes, or something that stops a clogged toilet from overflowing. Never knew that.  This husband is handy to have around it looks like ;-)
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  1. I like how our significant others have the same name. And isn't it great when they are handy around the house? I appreciate him so much when he's visiting at my apartment and he fixes something for me :)
    that's so cool you're going to WYD! We were going to go for our honeymoon but it ended up being cheaper with what we're doing instead.

    1. I know noticed both of Mr. Wonderful's were Jim's too...good name for good men ;)

  2. alright girl, if you use blogger (which I think you do), on your dashboard, look to the left. Click, 'settings' then click, 'comments' and then, where it says, 'show word verification', hit 'no'! It makes it so much easier to comment on blogs. Excited to see your blog make over :)And...
    halfway jealous you are going to WYD. Then, 1/2 way thinking...better her than me.

  3. Sounds like a great adventure in the making with Deacon Daddy! I like to website, too. My sister just showed me this one: http://dowehaveapope.com/

    I should keep Shannon in mind for a future blog makeover. I'm not ready for one yet, but definitely a future possibility. God bless!

  4. That site with the Sistine Chapel is cool! I've been, but it was still neat to see. I'll share with my husband when he gets home since he hasn't been...yet. I know we'll go together eventually!

    With the toilet thing...I'm confused. What is the sequence of events here? I clog my toilet, fill both bathtubs, then send my husband to empty one while I flush and empty a bathtub? Hahaha, this is actually quite important to me because our toilet clogs really easily.

    1. And after trying twice with the captcha thing, I hope you get it fixed!

    2. LOL! One time the plumber came over to fix a clog in our guest bathroom, and that's what eh told my hubby!
      Sequence of events as follows:
      1. fill both bath tubs up 3/4 way. make the drain is down.
      2.then each of us goes into one of the bathrooms. one count of three we begin draining at the same time. right after we begin draining, we each flush the potty at the same time.
      It sounds crazy, but it actually works...Jim explained it to me, but I'm not good at this stuff...something how the pressure in the pipes causes a release or something...
      And yes, we do have a working toilet again! :)

  5. Can't wait to see your new blog design :)


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