06 March 2013

Five Favorites link-up

I'm starting to enjoy the whole 'link up' thing in the blogging world.  The lovely Hallie Lord at Moxie Wife is hosting a five favorites one and I'm joining the party...


1.  Today I read this post from Elizabeth at In the Heart of my Home.  The title alone reeled me in, 'How Compassionate are you with yourself?'  Not really good at it, I said to myself.  I have struggled for a long time comparing myself to others and being loving to me.  One of the things my spiritual director suggested I work on now (esp. during Lent) is letting Jesus love on me...and allowing that to help me love myself better.  hard. stuff.
But I appreciated her post especially these closing words: "If you don’t love yourself — if you can’t be compassionate with yourself, gentle with yourself, forgiving of yourself — start there. Spend Lent learning how to nurture your own soul, to open it up to God’s grace and mercy, to believe that you truly are forgiven. We can’t love others well and we can’t love Him well until we learn a loving compassion for the image of God that lives in our very selves."  Here's to keep working on loving the "me" I am made to be...one day at a time....
Thanks for the reminder Elizabeth!

2.  This one may sound kinda weird but lately I'm on this cereal/cold milk kick...especially this most dee-lic cereal!  And of course, the BEST part is the milk becomes instant chocolate milk...added bonus! It's the little things in life right??? ;-)

3.  Ann Voskamp.  Have you heard of this lovely mama from Canada?  She writes daily about grace, blessings, and eucharisteo here.  Her words and photo's challenge readers to live a life full of thanksgiving to God; to be able to see grace and joy all throughout our sometimes messy lives.  Her website is full of great ideas and words of encouragement...check it out, I promise you'll be glad you did!

4.This one is perhaps my most favorite make-up item I own: bisque from Bare Minerals (their version of concealer).  This. stuff. works. A bit pricey, yes, but a good investment.  I have never seen anything that gets rids of scares, lines, redness as well as this.  It's like a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for your face! Blemishes, be gone!
Definitely a handy lil' helper in my make-up bag! :)

5.  For Christmas, my in-laws got us the Catholicism series by Fr. Robert Barron.  We just watched the first two episodes last Friday. oh. my. gosh.  We absolutely loved it!!  If you're looking for something spiritually edifying to watch, reflect, and pray on through Lent, I highly suggest this series!  After seeing the Holy Land on these DVDs, we're both aching even more to visit there...we'll see, hopefully some day!


  1. I always enjoy Elizabeth Foss's perspective on things too. She seems like such a wise soul!

  2. I love love love cocoa krispies haha! Thanks for sharing #1!

  3. Suddenly I'm craving chocolate milk!

    1. LOL! you probably see a lot of chocolate milk between your little ones:)

  4. I just finished watching Catholicism for the second time. What a treasure!


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