13 March 2013

Five Favorites {vol. 2}

Joining Hallie for mother fun link-up early this morning...say some prayers for her as she waits for her newest sweet pea's arrival...

1.  This week I have been fighting a wee bit of a cold.  So I enjoying lots of hot tea, honey cough drops, and Vicks vapor rub.  I've never been a huge tea drinker, but am kind of enjoying it when I have all these different cute mugs in our kitchen cupboards to enjoy something hot to help make me feel better.  Here are some of my favorites I have been using :)
St. Therese and John Wayne are some of my favorites!
Here my husband is joining me for some tea! :)

2.  Since I am working on feeling better the DRE of the parish I work at gave me something to help boost my immune system.  This stuff works wonders!  Its a powdered drink mix you can use with hot or cold water...basically a jolt of vitamin C and good stuff for your body.  I have been having one at breakfast and one at dinner time to help pick up my body!  I'm even thinking of bringing this with me to World Youth Day this July in Rio to help ensure no one from our group gets sick while over sea's...good stuff! Check it out next time you are sick.

3.  Okay Can I just say how AWESOME all this social media stuff is as we await the new Pope!?!?!?  My Twitter and Facebook newsfeed are all scattered with updates on the smoke reports: with all kinds of fun, cool hash tags like #STOKEDFORTHESMOKE and #PopeWatch2013.  In case you don't personally know me, I REALLY love being Catholic...and its great times like this when news all over is abuzz with the exciting task ahead of the Church! It's a great time to celebrate and be grateful to be Catholic...go #teamCatholic :)

4.    I recently found out about this website/app for your phone.  It a website for women written by other Christian women.  Its to encourage women in reading Scripture and surrounding themselves with the daily truths and promises of God.  They have all these different topical and thematic Bible studies/daily reflections you can access on their website and through your personal phone.  I have the logo on my homepage so you can check it out...just a helpful tool for me personally as I strive to work more to believe the promises of Christ vs. the misconceptions I believe about me or what the world tells me.

5.  This last one is a two for the price of one...but I think you'll like them so I'm going with it ;-)
I really love both of these two pictures.

After 8 years of being the 'servant of servants' he has earned a good rest...notice his cute little red Pope shoes are now simple brown loafers.  How blessed we were with this holy man of God!

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Sorry for those of you who were excepting something different....

Have a beautifully, blessed week!! See some of you for "Friday Quick Takes" :)


  1. Love the photo of the Pope Emeritus hanging out in a green chair! Wonder if he watches tv? Feel better, sorry to hear you are sick! Sending you prayers!

  2. The shoes look reddish to me. Perhaps they are cordovan?

    Try the Cranberry-Pomegranate Emergen-C. That's the flavor my kids love. Also, a glass of Emergen-C before bed after an evening of many libations has been known to yield benefits. ;)

    1. Ohh thanks for the tip Jessica...that sounds so good!

  3. Emergen-C is the best!!!!!! Really, I could be a salesperson for that stuff. It is also great when you are feeling tired...the B vitamins help with energy. I had some just the other day when the baby was keeping me up at night.
    And #5...I miss the former Pope already. And YES on the attention to all crazy news sources!!! Ugh, so sick of their constant harping. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love those Mr./Mrs. mugs! The cutest! And I love listening in to She Reads Truth-- such a cool ministry!

    1. Lacey, I think I got the mugs at Dayspring online...and they have a verse from Song of Songs, "I have found the one my soul loves" :)

  5. Oh, I just love that picture! He is so cute!!!

  6. Love the pic of our Pope-Emeritus watching the events!

  7. Thanks so much for your prayers, sweet pea! I appreciate them more than you can imagine! :)

  8. Patty, I'm catching up on blog reading and have to say that Stephen and I have those same mugs! I love them :) Also I've been drinking Emergen-C for a long time; there's no good studies saying that it works but I still think that it makes me feel better so I'll keep drinking it :) I actually like the tangerine kind mixed in some orange juice.

  9. I tried to find that app. Is it on iphone only?


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