01 March 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 2)

--- 1 ---
    WOW...And...we are "Popeless" for a time...

The crazy thing is that the Sunday at Youth Group before we found out the Pope was retiring, we had a good conversation about how we really are living in the most exciting times as Catholics.  Who would have thought the next day we'd be hearing the Pope put in his 2 week notice!?!?  I'm sure many of you have seen these or similar things floating around the world of social media about the resignation/upcoming conclave/etc.  But these are two neat websites I found...

Adopt a Cardinal
No not these cardinals...                                                                             These cardinals

Your are assigned a cardinal from around the world to pray for him as he enters into the conclave in the coming weeks.  I ended up getting Cardinal Dolan from NYC.  I just think its a neat way to really be connected to the momentous task ahead of the Church right now.

The other on is Fantasy Conclave.  Its a website to help folks learn about the papacy and learn about the whole process we're about to head into. neato burrito:)

--- 2 ---
Tonight Jim and I are going on a double date with my folks.  Because its a Lenten Friday, we'll be getting our fish n' chips on at a local grill.  Afterwards, just coming back to our apartment for some dessert and pink moscato. Yum.

--- 3 ---
This week I had gotten a coupon to Hobby Lobby in my e-mail.  I headed over there on Monday and found these two bulletin board lovelies (2 for $20!?!?).  I was a little geeked!

I LOVE a cute chevron pattern!!
This will look great in our 2nd bedroom :)

This burlap number I thought would be cute in the kitchen...
Hubbard Command Central ;-)

--- 4 ---
I've had this idea brewing in my head for a particular post.  I haven't had much time lately due to studying for my Trinity/Christology mid-term and starting to do some research for a paper.  Recently a priest was telling me about this book and the title struck me.  Don't worry I'm not about to get all preachy or controversial on you; but let's just say I didn't used to be very good at the first part of the title 'how to defend your faith without raising your voice.'  It's more a personal reflection on learning from the mistakes I made in trying to be a good witness to what I believe, but instead I came across as judgmental and kind of un-Christian.  Stay tuned for further reading!

--- 5 ---
The 1st Thursdays of the month are quickly becoming on of my favorite days of the week.  That's the night we head to Ann Arbor for a young adult group.  If you are a young adult from south-eastern Michigan you DEFINITELY want to check out 'i.d. 916.'  Like their Facebook page or check out their website.  The evening starts out with Mass, fellowship, a dee-lic catered meal (only $10 with adult beverages!), a young adult testimony, and some type of talk relevant to young adults trying to live their faith.  Seriously. Just do yourself a favor and check it out.

--- 6 ---
Prayer. is. sometimes. a. struggle.  The other night Jim went to bed early and I was finishing up the end of an episode of 'The Office' (the one where Michael burns his foot in the George Foreman grill?? hysterical!!!  After I finished it, I was debating to perhaps watch another.  I really just wanted some time to veg out and relax.  And then began the internal wrestling match: relax with more TV and veg time vs. the need to pray. I really didn't feel like praying (sorry Jesus!), but knew I had really checked in much that day and with it being Lent and all thought it would probably be a good idea.  So after some quiet time and writing in my prayer journal, I pulled out a devotional Jim and I were reading during Advent-the present.  I really liked this part: "Jesus is not Santa Claus or a magical ATM that spits out any amount you ask for.  He is a person, and prayer is a relationship.  The heart of prayer isn't about trying to get what we want but trying to love God (and experience his love) in a deeper way."  In my head I get that prayer is about a relationship, but it is a constant work in progress to live that out in my thoughts/actions.  The part that really knocked me upside the head was that part that said 'and experience his love.'  In talking with my spiritual advisor, I have realized that this is an area in my life I need to work on: letting God love me.  I struggle a lot at times with comparing myself to other woman/not always having great self-esteem.  And I think that's an area that God wants to work on with me; getting better at loving me!  And Lent's as good a time as any for a good spiritual makeover right?? ;-)

--- 7 ---
Jim graduating with a bachelor's in Philosophy!
April 9 is a big day in our home: Jim's commencement ceremony for grad school!  He will receive a Master's in Social Work, and is very eager to work as a family/individual faith based therapist.  He's been a busy bear for the past two years going to school full time and working an internship...its exciting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for him!  Yahoo cuddly! So proud of you!
Looking forward to seeing him all cute n' handsome in a cap and gown :)
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  1. Oh my goodness! How awesome that Jim is so close to graduating.
    I have REALLY got to check out id916. Maybe next year. We are tapping out our babysitting resources hard car with work/youth ministry...BUT, I won't have to worry about that in the Fall. Maybe a once a month date night to hang with young adults! AND<, maybe I finally won't be pregnant and can have an adult beverage (please Jesus and thank you).

    1. Mary, I really hope you can check it out once you're a SAHM...it's really fun!

  2. Congrats on the graduation in social work! Its a fulfiling calling!

    1. Thanks, I know he is really excited about being done...you are social worker too??

  3. Hey there! I see you live close to my fiance's hometown - but he recently moved to the East coast to live near me :)

    Enjoy your Friday night date night!

    Also...LOVE the chevron pattern board!

  4. Wow, crazy small world huh?? Nothing like a good chevron pattern to put a smile on my face ;-) Happy wedding prep :)

  5. I can relate to number 4! When my husband and I were dating and he was asking me questions about the Catholic faith, I would get so frustrated because I felt like I'd have to explain five things just to answer one question! Needless to say, he did a lot of his research on the internet, listening to Catholic Answers, and reading books! Despite my lack of wisdom and calmness, he still joined the church the year after we got married!

  6. That chevron is great :)

    I nominated you for a Liebster here: http://erikamarieh.blogspot.com/2013/03/liebster-award-random-facts-about-moi.html

  7. Thank you for the fantasy conclave website link! And I am more than a bit jealous of those gorgeous bulletin boards! We do not have hobby lobby in our area.

    And yes, prayer can sometimes be hard...very, very hard. Lately, there is so much commotion in my mind that I can't still my thoughts for a second. But I won't stop trying!

    I, too, have seen that book and am interested in it...

    Enjoy the graduation!

    1. Thanks Jeannine! Too bad you don't have a hobby lobby near by..especially wanna support them with the way they are fighting the HS mandate.
      have a great weekend...thanks for stopping by:)

  8. Patty! I'm totally interested in this i.d. 916 thing; since we recently found each other's blogs I had no idea you live in southeastern Michigan (and learned it from this post)! My husband and I live in Ann Arbor and live like 5 minutes from Domino's Farms. We are parishioners at St. Thomas the Apostle and have occasionally gone to Gen Christ (their young adult gatherings), and while the people there are SUPER nice we have yet to really make many Catholic friends our age here. Will you and your husband be going to i.d. 916 this week?? I have a million questions and am so excited!

    1. Hi Stephanie! It's really awesome...I've heard of Gen Christ but since we live in Northville its a little far for us. I'm definitely going this week, and 2 of my girlfriends are probably coming. Not sure about my husband because he has an internship late that night for grad school in Detroit, and things are kinda busy as he graduates in 8 weeks...but I'm hoping to convince him. We have both been going only since the fall, and really get those spiritual batteries re-charged after each meeting.

      I really hope to see you! Would be so fun meeting in person:)

    2. Okay, awesome! I think my husband and I are thinking about going. Maybe we WILL meet in person! :)


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