28 December 2016

12 in 2016

I really love celebrating the New Year and looking back on the past year I lived. I know some people struggle with the whole resolution thing, but I thrive on it. 

I spend the last week of December looking over the past year and dreaming big for the upcoming one. I also love looking back at all the pictures I took over the past year, it reminds me what mattered to me.

My friend Bobbi is hosting a photo link-up in review of 2016, so here is the year in review in photo's!

In January I was a guest on this podcast! It was my first time ever doing that but it was super fun!

So at this point we are well into the Year of Mercy.
I spent a lot of time thinking and praying on entering a season of mercy in my own life.

My friend shared this article with me that has really messed me up in a good way, it was a reality check for me in how to do ministry well....what ministry is all about.

I also went to the South for the first time in my life! I went to Atlanta for a weekend to help run a retreat with a girlfriend. I have since decided I need to do a road trip through the South and that the Midwest needs to get Chick-fil-A.

April 3 I ran my second half marathon. It snowed the day before and was much colder than I anticipated, but super glad I did it. The crazy things people will do for free pizza and beer.

In April, my divorce was also finalized. I continue to be so grateful for all the crazy, wonderful ways God is leading me through this new phase in life.

In May one of the couples from the young adult group at church had their second baby baptized. Afterwards, there was a party a bunch of us young-ish adults went to. There was lots of laughter, good food, beautiful weather, and a growing sense in my spirit I can do this...I can be on my own:)

In June our parish staff went to an AMAZING conference (Divine Renovation) in Halifax Nova Scotia. 
The conference was hosted by the the pastor, Fr. James Mallon of St. Benedict. He wrote a book called Divine Renovation explaining how he radically changed his parish from maintenance to mission mindset.
It was exhausting, uplifting, and amazing all rolled into one! Minus crazzzyyyy flight delays on Air Canada of which I am still scarred by.

July busy with our annual youth conference at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. Or as I call it "Catholic Disney World."

And at the very end of July, I led a group of 12 pilgrims to World Youth Day in Poland.

We came home safe and sound from Poland. This was my 4th WYD. It was also the most difficult and spiritually life-changing one I ever experienced. While we were there, I got very sick and almost died. 

In September I turned 31. I had celebrated with sweet friends and my family took me out for a fancy dinner and drinks at a brewery.

I also got to attend a retreat with all of the beautiful women I work with in the women's ministry Blessed Is She. It.was.amazing. I always wanted a big sister, I just never knew I had so many.

In October I ran my 3rd half marathon. Running has become such an important part of my life, and a big part of my own healing.
After this race, I decided next year I will run my first marathon! 

In November I got to participate in our Archdiocesan synod, which our local church has been preparing for for three years! 
It was also really special because my Dad and my sister also participated in various ways. It was exhausting but so exciting to see the power of the Spirit radically re-shaping our archdiocese!

I also got my second tattoo


I don't have a picture for December, but I do have a VIDEO!!!! #spicingthingsup

Our youth ministry made a Christmas video for Pope Francis. I about died laughing and we had a ton of fun!

Be sure to head over to Bobbi's for the link-up!!!

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