01 December 2016

St. Francis and Tattoos

Last April, I went to a reflection day for local area youth ministers.

Our speaker was Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR and creator of The Wild Goose. He is also working on a new series on St. Francis of Assisi too. 
I'm kinda stoked for it:)

At that reflection day, Fr. Dave talked a lot about discernment. 

How do we know we are doing God's will? 
More specifically i relation to youth ministry, are we even discipling the teens in our care? 
Or are we just creating "chameleon Catholics" that are just blending in with everyone else?

If everything were stripped in our ministry, and we were left with Jesus what would that look like? 
How would it change what I do? 
What would that mean?

His talk really really challenged me and left me thinking and praying on the why behind what we do.

After lunch, Fr. Dave was sharing ways in which we can work with and partner with the Holy Spirit.

And in one example he quoted a saying of St. Francis: "Oh God, You are enough for me."
I'm trusting Fr. Dave on his source check since he himself is a Franciscan. 
Not to mention it is now permanently on my body ;)

Those words rocked me to my core. For a lot of reasons.

Maybe because it was a week after the divorce was finalized. 
Maybe because I have never really believed that for myself. 
Maybe because for most of my life I thought I would be enough when I had someone to share my life with.

Whatever the reasons, I spent several months just sitting with those words in silence; praying with and wrestling them in my life.

In the silence, they began to take on a deeper meaning for my life.

So when I decided to get another tattoo, I knew I wanted these words of St. Francis.

This new phase of my life has really become defined by those words.

God really has to be enough for me. If I don't learn this now, I don't think I ever will.
I am enough just the way I am. 
I am enough on my own.

I know I never believed I was enough, so how the heck could I possibly believe God is enough for me?

And you know what? That's a really crappy way to live.

But the next amount of years are going to be focused on living more in these new truths for myself and helping others know that too.

I have always been enough, now I just actually believe it.
And the freedom in knowing that to the core of my soul is the best thing.

Are there truths in your own life you have wrestled or struggled with?
How have you come to believe them to be true?

PS If you have a tattoo, what's the story behind it?! I love me a good tattoo story:)

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  1. Oh Patty, I just love you. And pssst I have an appt TODAY for a "Mary Comforts Eve" tattoo that I've been planning for two years!

    1. Eeekkk so fun!!! Cannot wait to see it when its done. I remember you showing us that picture of the design at the retreat, just dripping with beautiful symbolism :)

  2. Patty, that is such a cool story behind your tattoo! And oh my, I bet a St. Francis series by Fr. Dave Pivonka will be so epic!

  3. Thank you for sharing this message of "being enough" I myself struggle with whether I am doing "enough" for God. I often find myself comparing what others are doing in their faith to what I'm doing. For example, I stop and think "am I a bad catholic if I don't believe in having as many kids as the lord gives me?" I feel like I judge myself before anyone else does :) thank you for all your post, I love reading them!

    1. Thank you Marilyn! I think we all need those reminders from time to time...we have to keep doing our best with what we have :)


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