16 December 2016

Ignatius, Francis, and why I am just now turning on my heat (SQT)

Friday Quick Takes

I just turned the heat on in my apartment. Yesterday.
I decided after the fact I went to bed with a hat, two pairs of socks, and my cozy fleece sheets, it was time to turn the heat on for the winter.
Made it through half way December, not too bad! 
I said to a friend the other day someday when I do my debt-free scream on Dave Ramsey's show and he ask about what crazy things I did to pay off debt, I will be sure to tell him this ;-)

I have a lock-in tonight with our youth leadership team. Not looking forward to the lack of sleep, but grateful the goal of tomorrow is coming home and sleeping. A lot.

For the last three or four weeks, I have started attending church more and more at a small inner city parish in Detroit. The community is just beautiful, the preaching is amazing, and there is such a diverse group of people.

I know-ish the pastor from when I was in grad school. There is something kind of special when your pastor says your name as he hands you the body of Jesus at communion.

Over the years here in Detroit, many city parishes and schools have clustered and closed and it has been painful and difficult. And I've been thinking if more people from the suburbs partner with and support these communities perhaps some of this can be avoided.

This Sunday after Mass, there is a Christmas Bazaar and I am looking forward to going and meeting new people. Little by little, I am getting better at doing things on my on with a confident and adventurous spirit.

I work at a bi-lingual parish, 35-40% is Hispanic. So of course the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a big deal around our parts.
Last Friday, at our diocesan cathedral they had a special Mass in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was so beautiful! I loved seeing the unique traditions, songs, and dances of our Mexican brothers and sisters.

At the close of Mass, our Archbishop made a statement on the vital support he and our local church have for migrants, refugees, and the un-documented. It was beautiful and here is a snippet of it:

Is anybody that just loves to read at night by the light of your Advent wreath? I always do that around my Christmas tree too, but the last few nights I find myself reading or praying by the light of my Advent wreath.
So peaceful and so lovely. Try it:)

Assisi was the first place in Europe I ever traveled too. In college, I wrote an essay and won a paid pilgrimage to go there. And while I have traveled a fair amount over the last 10 years, Assisi will always hold a special and meaningful place in my heart.
So when I saw a video study on the life of St. Francis of Assisi was being made (and filmed on location), I got super stoked....

I have a close friend whose is a priest, and recently we were talking and I asked him if over Lent he would lead me through the Ignatian spiritual exercises with me over the course of 5 days. I love St. Ignatius and all things Ignatian and have never done the exercises. 
Of course, he told me he would take my phone and computer....because you know, silence and all ;)

Obviously there's time to think about it and its a big commitment for both of us, but I have never done the exercises and love the idea of doing it over Lent this year.
We shall see...

May your weekend be merry and bright!

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  1. I love praying by the light of my Advent wreath in the morning! And anytime life starts feeling crazy/overwhelming, I'll light it too:)
    Good job doing things on your own and meeting new people!


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