25 January 2016

Podcast Loving + My First Guest Appearance!!

I have become a bit of a podcast listening nut over the last few months. I love listening and subscribing so much, I am realizing I need to set a daily limit each day...not to mention the constant listening is taking away from quiet in the car ;) Following different podcasts is a great way to learn, grow, and grow in creativity!

Some of my new recent favorites include:
Relevant: Similar to the faith based/culture magazine, Relevant. SO funny, informative, and great interviews with all types of interesting Christian men and women.

Caritas: Elise and Brigid are two young Catholic women talking on all things prayer, life, creativity, and have some great episodes! My favorite ones so far were with Jenna Guitar from Blessed is She and Audrey Assad.

Mud Stories: Jacque is Christian woman who offers a platform to talk/discuss with all types of people the mud they face in their own lives, and encouragement to know you're never alone. Lots of great stories and I always leave feeling inspired. My favorite episodes were with Jess Connolly from Naptime Diaries and Emily Freeman.

I am SO EXCITED to have recently been a guest on the Caritas Podcast with Elise and Brigid. We chatted all things self-care, exercise, how to have good relationship with food, and our love for all things Ingatian spirituality and Fr. James Martin, SJ. Check out the episode here.

Initially Brigid contacted me regarding a post I had written on why I owe my body an apology. I had so much fun with these lovely gals, and I really encourage you to check out their podcast!
It is relevant, inspiring, and empowering to (I think) any Christian woman no matter her state or stage in life.

Download on iTunes and leave them a review, I know it would totally make their day:) 
Do you listen or subscribe to podcasts? What are some of your favorites? I am always on the look-out for good recommendations! :)

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  1. Patty, this is so perfect-I was planning to exercise today, but I didn't have a podcast to listen to yet (and the only time I'll allow myself to listen to podcasts is while exercising, it gives me motivation to get on my feet haha). I'm going to listen to the Caritas episode today! Woohoo! The two main podcasts that I listen to are Fountains of Carrots (it focuses on family living, motherhood, and literature) and Catholic Stuff You Should Know (which is super awesome-it's a group of young priests who talk about, well, Catholic stuff. It's pretty entertaining)

  2. Everyone is talking about podcasts but I have no idea where to even start with that...plus we do NOT do Apple in our house. Is Android an option? Do these things cost money? Where do I begin?


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