07 October 2016

Friday Quick Takes on Coffee, Running, & Gilbert Blythe

It has been ages and ages since I've linked up for the Friday Quick Takes with Kelly and Co. 
Happy to be back:)

Seven Quick Takes

A week from Sunday is the Detroit Half Marathon and my 3rd race! I'm SUPER excited. Running has slowly become a big part of my life and personal healing over the last two years. I am seriously toying with running the full Detroit Marathon next fall, we'll see but I've got time to ponder that some more ;)
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So far, the weather for October 16th is supposed to be a gorgeous, sunny day! #pleaseandthankyoujesus

Tonight the Archdiocese of Detroit is having a Mass of Pardon. It is in repentance and acknowledgment of past sins committed by the Catholic Church and is in preparation of the diocesan Synod we've been preparing for over two years! 

This video explains what Southeastern Michigan is praying and moving towards...will you pray for us too?

I'm really, really looking forward to attending tonight. I think a HUGE part of moving forward in healing and unity, we as church need to name past and present sins committed. #comeholyspirit

Maybe you saw on Wednesday the Gilmore Girls craze taking over local coffee shops around the country??
In prep for the Netflix revival series of Gilmore Girls, coffee shops turned into Luke's Diner (the famous diner/coffee shop on the show) for a morning promising free coffee + nostalgic vibes.

A 5am wake-up call and my Mom, a friend, and I drove to downtown Detroit to share in the fun:) The coffee was great, and company even better.

In the next week or so, I am getting another tattoo! Its gonna be on the inside of my right arm, high enough I can cover but not too big either.

It will read, "You are enough." It comes from a quote by St. Francis of Assisi: "Oh God, You are enough for me."

Those words have become one of my mantras over the last year. To me it means, God alone has to be enough and nothing (or no other person can satisfy me like Him). It also means I am enough. Me Patty I am enough the way I am, I don't need to change or become something I am not.

My sweet friend Sarah  recently invited me to become a blog contributor to The Living Person.  They have a great mission and outreach to Catholic young adult and I am excited for another opportunity to do more writing in my free time.

I am late to the Anne Shirley party. One of my favorite podcasts Fountains of Carrots the two hosts Haley & Christy have a deep love for Anne of Green Gables. So after a recent episode, I decided to start the book and movie series. I into book three and already finished the DVD series, gotta love free week rentals from the library.

I am LOVING it. In different ways, I see parts of me in the main character Anne. 
Also Gilbert Blythe? Strikingly handsome, kind, loyal, and all wonderful mushy things in a beautiful love story.
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Can you say a prayer for me? On Monday evening, I'm giving a talk to some young women on how to thrive (not just survive) through pain in life. Its the first time I am really sharing and reflecting on the healing work God has done in the pain in my own life and I just hope it bless and touch their hearts.

Have a great weekend and be sure to check out other post's too!

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  1. I can't wait to snuggle up in bed for a Gilmore Girls binge! I'll be praying for you Monday. I know what it is to be in constant physical pain as well as psychological pain. Kudos to you for helping young women develop the faith they'll need.

  2. I will be praying for your diocese, and for you as you give that witness on Monday! You're awesome :) And OH MY GOODNESS!!! You're reading the Anne books!!!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty sure books 1 and 3 are my favorites. Book 4 was interesting, but different (it's mainly in the form of letters). I was not a huge fan of book 5. Books 6-7 are really fun, and I thought Book 8 was awesome and loved it. I was/am a bit disappointed with how Anne & Gil's relationship is treated after book 3, but then someone told me about "The Blue Castle," by L.M. Montgomery, and that made me happy. It's not related to the Anne books, but it's a short, fun story with a sweet romance :)

  3. It's never too late to join Team Gilbert. What a guy! Megan Fellows just killed her role as Anne. I love the first movie in the series!


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