29 October 2016

Books, Mexican Monday's, & More Books! {Friday Quick Takes}

Linking up with Kelly again, because Friday! :)

Mexican Monday's!!!
My parents and I have started a new tradition we try and stick to on Monday night; meeting up for Mexican food. There is a local chain that has a restaurant right by there house and another near my apartment. This week, they helped me haul over my very comfy arm chair and afterwards we met up for some margarita's and tacos.
Mexican Monday's are little way to spice up the start of the week:)

Still holding out on turning on the heat in my apartment! I am hoping to see if I can get rough November. The lady below me is 90 some years old and I am banking on the fact she will probably have her heat on longer. Then of course heat rises, so I am riding that train as long as I can :) #perksofupperlevel

Yesterday we had rehearsal for Confirmation on Sunday and then a vicariate event at a nearby farm for  HS teens. I love me some cider, s'mores, corn maze, and dancing in an old barn. Nothing like good, wholesome autumnal fun!

Last Friday in the midst of laundry and dusting, I decided to be spontaneous and go to Awaken. It is a local ministry in our diocese done monthly. They have confessions, great preaching, lively worship, and Eucharistic Adoration. I had never been before but I was amazed how packed the church was. Even though traffic was nuts and it took almost an hour to get there, glad I put off the rest of my chores and go spend an evening with Jesus :)

Thursday morning before work I went for a run and almost got hit by a car. I always run and sidewalks and am pretty aware of my surroundings.
I waited for the crossing signal at intersection, did a quick double take, and right as I started to run across, this car came speeding through a right hand turn. He obviously didn't see me because I was following the traffic signal. 
Looks like my Guardian Angel won't be out of a job anytime soon!

I just finished this book I "borrowed" from my Mom. Super good and really interesting to get an inside look at the different First Ladies of our country.
Picked up my latest stash of new library books this week. Excited to get through these in the coming week:

While my relationship to food has improved over the years (thank you Weight Watchers) I still easily can fall back into old, unhealthy habits. Over the last week, I have put up signs around my apartment to help me check-in to see if I am really hungry.
5 words are helping me stay in check more.

Thankfully, I'm not quite that Buddy the Elf level.

Enjoy the autumnal weather over the weekend :)

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  1. Mexican Mondays sound like so much fun! What a neat tradition to do :) Those books all look awesome, and I hope you let us know how they are!

  2. I just saw that First Women book at B&N this weekend! Looks like such a fun and interesting read. I have a major girl crush on Michelle Obama.

    1. Shannon it was sooo goodd!!! I finished it in a few days, definitely hard to put down :)

  3. Oh man, I remember back in Michigan trying to go without turning the furnace on for as long as possible--and wrapping up in blankets and wearing slippers at home! haha! Those days feel long gone now...


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