21 October 2016

The Crazy Things People do for Chocolate Milk & Bananas

Linking up with Kelly again for a round of Friday Quick Takes...

It is a joke at races that you get a free bag of snacks after crossing and getting your medal. Sure I'll run fast and furious for a free banana and chocolate milk!
So glad I did it :)

Already mentally talking myself into a full marathon for next fall and I am thinking of joining a running group to help with the training in the new year.

One of the best things about races are all the people that come out to cheer runners on, but even better are the hysterical (and sometimes inappropriate signs) people make and bring.

Some personal favorites from this race?

- All toenails go to Heaven!
-If Trump can run, so can you! (saw this one lot in Windsor!)
-Run Now, Poop Later! (Sorry Mom, my personal favorite)
-May all the porta potty lines be short and non-smelly
-Smile if you're not wearing underwear!
-Don't forget you paid to do this!

Nothing like a good laugh to keep your energy up and focused ;)

As I neared the finish line, I spent a lot of time thinking about how I can do hard things. We all can do hard things we never thought possible. Those 5 words have come to be the perfect mantra when the going gets tough.

I'm crazy into time tracking my life right now and creating a strong morning ritual. These two books are game changing for me. I'm amazed at how logging my time is just showing me how much time I can waste away. 


I'm kinda a nut when it comes to following podcasts. I have favorites I love and love looking for new ones to check out.
A new one I just discovered is The New Activist . They are connected with International Justice Mission whose passion is to end slavery in our lifetime.
Check it out!

I'm new-ish to drinking coffee (since last March). While my favorite is a good latte, I'm realizing a good coffee machine of espresso maker may be worth the time. I love Earl Grey tea but this morning two cups later and I was still dragging...

Any suggestions on good brands you like for coffee machines, espresso maker, and/or favorite brand of coffee?!


Next Sunday is the Confirmation liturgy at our church. One of the smaller projects of my work week was creating some type of signage for the Archbishop to know where to park. The sign is complete with a stick-on miter and crozier on red paper. Hopefully he doesn't miss it ;-)

Happy weekend-ing! :)

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  1. Those signs you mention are hilarious! I think it's pretty spiffy that you got chocolate milk after finishing. I don't think I commented on it (I've been a bit absent from the blogging world lately), but I LOVED your post about doing hard things. Loved it so much, and I think it's super applicable to anything-from huge ordeals to small things like cooking or driving in a new city.

    Earl Grey tea is so good! I love coffee, too. I don't know much about the world of coffee makers, though. I have a Bodum French Press (I got it a little over 3 years ago) and I love it a lot; it's a peaceful experience, for me, to make coffee in it, and I like the fact that it doesn't use paper filters and that I can also use it as a milk frother or to make cold brew coffee. I generally use whatever coffee I find at Aldi that's cheap and is either coarsely ground or whole bean (with a French Press, you can't use finely ground stuff), but someday I'd love to get some Mystic Monk coffee, because it looks awesome and it'd be cool to support epic monks.

  2. I'm all about productive mornings too and I'm dying to read that book by Laura Vanderkam. I love her podcast too!


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