12 October 2016

A Lazy Girl's Guide to a Better Morning Routine

I am a book junkie when it comes to all things organization and/or time management. I also am a morning person. Like that annoying person who wakes up bright eyed-bushy tailed singing (yes singing) ... like a Pop-Tart popping out of the toaster. 

So a book on working towards a better morning routine is my jam.

For the longest time, I've been waiting to read What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast from the library. While the title eludes to where the author is going, I'm amazed how a meaningful and structured morning routine is becoming a game changer for me how I start and look at the coming day.

One of the biggest things was tracking my time in the mornings from wake-up to when I leave for work for several weeks. And sure enough, the findings were an education for me in terms of time wasted and priorities.

So from a girl who loves a good morning routine, here's some things I am finding helpful to save time in the morning.

Track your Time
Simple enough, right? But seriously just tracking your mornings for two weeks could open your eyes.  I started seeing a big part of not getting done what mattered most (exercise, prayer, stillness) was because I wasted time on things that didn't really matter. Which for me boiled down to lack of planning.

Just track your mornings for two weeks. It could really open your eyes. I know it has for me!

Plan Your Wardrobe Weekly
First off I'll say I don't do the entire week, but I have started taking 30-40 minutes every week to plan at least 3-5 days of outfits for the coming week. Its funny how something like that can really save time for me in the morning. 
Plus this helps me use the clothes I have, and have a better handle on what I'm not wearing at all.

Arrange the outfits separately on hangers in your closet so you can just grab and go. The payoff with a bit of planning here is worth it!

Dry Shampoo Before Bed
I used to be in the camp of daily hair washing. And then 5 years ago I discovered dry shampoo. #gamechanger. While I believe in daily showers, I only wash my hair now 2 or 3 times a week.

If you a dry shampoo-er you probably put it on in the morning and then spend a few minutes rubbing it in and brushing before you leave, right? I've started putting in the dry shampoo at night right before I go to bed. It gives your hair plenty of time to soak up any greasiness and the moving around in your sleep can help work it in more, which leads to time saved in the morning.

Sleep with towel under your head, or your pillow will look like it got snowed on in the middle of the night.

Sleep in Workout Clothes
Since I began running, I was quickly amazed how starting my day with the planned run was one of the best ways to jumpstart my attitude for the day. Besides coffee and prayer, its like turbo charging my batteries for the coming day.

Sleeping in my workout clothes is a small way to help beat any excuses when the alarm rings come morning.

Know What is Most Important for You
Really knowing what is most important in a healthy morning for you, what matters most can help you eliminate what is just mindless, white noise. Naming those non-negotiables will help you build a morning routine around them.

For me, I'm learning what matters most is 15 minutes of silence, Bible reading, exercise, enjoying a cup of earl grey tea, and maybe some light reading (if there is time). Now of course I don't do them all every morning. But knowing what is most important is focusing me to do those things before anything else in the morning.

If you're on the hunt for a guide to a better morning routine, might I suggest this and that book as options?

Any other morning people out there? What tricks do you use to make your mornings go smoothly?

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