30 May 2014

7 Quick Takes on moldy coffee pots, Mom dates, and parents who want their teens to wear short shorts

1.  Last Sunday my Mom and I went to the see the movie "Moms Night Out."  Whoa.  I haven't laughed so hard in a movie in a long time...like we're talking laughing so hard I almost choked on a Milk Dud.  Do yourself a favor and whether you be a Mom or not, go see it!  You'll laugh, cry, and it just has a great message.
After the movie I convinced Momsy to take a selfie with me.  I follow Patricia Heaton on Twitter and told Mom I would tweet our pic to her.  So when she responded I pretty much felt famous amos.

2.  On Memorial Day,  we went to Kohl's for summer attire for the husband.  We stayed on our budget, didn't use a credit card, and got $20 of Kohl's cash.  Sounds good to me:)

3.  After making dinner one night this week, I was wiping up the counters after being up to my elbows in chicken salmonella remains from fajita making.  I glanced toward the direction of our coffee pot and was slightly horrified when I discovered this....
Nothing like some chunks o' mold to make you sick to your stomach.  No my husband and I are not animals; we bath and brush our pearly whites daily.  Jim is the only one who drinks coffee; I just had my first coffee drink from Starbucks this past November.  When he makes coffee he will re-microwave a pot for the whole week.  I guess this time he let the pot sit a little longer than a week.
BUT you can believe when I came home from work yesterday and saw washing the dishes (including this science project) I was a happy camper.  Mold free really is the way to be.

Shower shoes for college!!
4.  The season of graduation parties is upon me now.  I am currently working on some top-secret gifts for the graduating seniors from our youth program.  Along with the flip flops, I am giving each of them a poster for their dorm room.  Its black and white with an image of a light bulb and salt shaker.  Underneath it reads, "Be these.  Matthew 5:13-16".  I love making special, unique gifts and I hope they will love them as much as I loved making them.
5.  I had a parent meeting on Wednesday night with final details for a youth conference we are going to this summer.  Whenever I have these type of meetings there are always the "certain" reminders that need to be talked about: no drugs/alcohol, be kind, appropriate dress.
Well I started talking about the dress code; specifically talking about girls not wearing too short of shorts and no spaghetti straps.  We are going to a Christian conference so I didn't think I was asking anything too crazy. One parent said something to the effect of "but all the girls today wear short, cute lacy shorts"...and just went on from there.  I am not asking the girls to wear brown paper bags but the whole debate over short shorts we had was something I wasn't prepared for.  

6.  I had another young lady sign up for our World Youth Day pilgrimage in July 2016.  She is an alumni of the youth ministry program and she will be a great addition.  Even though its just over two years away, I am already totally stoked to get in some international traveling again.  We are currently at a merry band of 11 and maybe 12 (still waiting for another to confirm their decision).

7.  I am on Week 2, day 3 of Couch to 5K.  I'm really proud that its been two weeks and I'm still sticking with this.  Word on the the street week 4 and 5 are a tough adjustment, but I now I can do it...not to mention the whole physical exertion thing is good for overall health too.  I also went to my first Weight Watcher meeting in like over 2 years.  Sure I still weigh in weekly, but honestly I have been doing a half ass job for way too long.  I'm getting back to weekly meetings and it felt feel good (and humbling) last week to get back into the habit of it.

Go hang out with Jen and her weekly crew too!

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  1. I love your bangs, by the way! So stylin'!

  2. What great graduation gift ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I still have to see Mom's Night Out... My parents have seen it, and they haven't stopped raving. :p
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