11 May 2014

10 things I forgot to thank Mom for

Its easy to thank my Mom for the noticeable things in life like teaching me my faith, giving me siblings, and oh yeah that whole "giving birth to me thing" too...but I have been thinking about the other little, random things in between too recently.
Maybe some of you can relate? Grand:)

So Mama Cita thank you for....

1.  Putting up with my sassy girl ways over the years and frequent rolling of my eyes to you and/or Pops

2. Reading me with me every night before going to bed when I was growing up: my favorites were the Nancy Drew mysteries and Little House on the Prairie series

3.  Always telling me there is nothing I can't come to you with, than I can tell you anything

4.  Teaching me how the trick to finding the perfect shade of lipstick and how to pluck my eyebrows...oh and not totally freaking the freak out the time I royally screwed up my eyebrows in high school

5.  Teaching me how to clean well, especially the bathroom...your tricks of the the trade have done me well

6.  all.the.driving. School, going to the mall, games, rehearsals, concerts...all the years of shuttling us kids around

7.  Getting up in the middle of the night to help me change my sheets when I had an accident during my bed-wetting phase

8.  All those times on Sunday getting ready for church you reminded me to wear a slip and/or asked me if I was wearing one...its become second nature for me by now ;)

9.  Buying me that nasty-horrible nail polish to put on my nails to help me stop biting them...I attribute my healthy strong nails to you She She

10. Helping me love and talk nice to myself...when girls were mean/teased me in elementary school you had me go in front of the bathroom mirror and say positive things to myself

For these and much much more Momsy, muchas gracias! 


  1. This is really and truly lovely.

  2. Aww...I just love this! What a great reminder that we should be gracious for ALL the little things that our mothers do for us throughout the years. So precious.


  3. Love this list!! Such wonderful things to be thankful for!!

  4. Sounds like you have a pretty sweet mom who was always there for you when you needed her!

  5. So sweet. And I loved Nancy Drew, too!


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