06 February 2014

What's in a name?

I don't know about you, but naming a blog is tough.  Well, at least has been tough stuff for me.

When I first began blogging, I just threw together a name {The Happy Hubbards} and used one of those free templates from Blogger.  As I continued to read blogs that I loved, I realized that there was something unique about each of their blog names.  It wasn't just randomly chosen, but it reflected something unique, beautiful about their life.story.mission.identity.their purpose in life.  And that got me thinking, about really choosing a name (again:) that really says something about who Patty is as a rare, unique person.

Over the summer, I had some help from a bloggy pal who helped me work through some helpful steps and tools to identify what blogging is to me, why I do it, and choose a name that reflects who I am.  Then with the help of this crafty lady, I had some work done.

So why 'A Modern Grace'?

Growing up, I loved old movies. like. a lot. My family can all attest to this.  There was something so glamorous about old-world Hollywood actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.  They carried themselves in a way and dressed with such elegance, that spoke deep down to that girly-girl part inside of me.  I especially had a thing for Grace Kelly; her glamour, sophistication, and impeccable taste in fashion.

I even carried a picture of her wedding gown when I was dress shopping for our wedding because I wanted something with lace and that felt "Grace-Kelly-ish". She was a wonderful actress and movies she starred in are some of my favorites to this day...seriously.  If you haven't seen Dial M for Murder or Rear Window, you need to watch them:)

No. I certainly do not claim to be the next Princess Grace of Monaco (yup she married a real life prince too!?), but her elegance and style are something that inspire me today.  And so 'A Modern Grace' reflects my love of all things elegant and classy that remind me of her.

'A Modern Grace' also reflects the need for another kind of grace in my life.  Its great to be a classy, elegant kind o' woman, but if I don't have a strong dose of "Jesus grace" alive n' well in me, then everything else is in vain.  I need God's grace to be the woman, daughter, sister, and friend He wants me to be.  I need grace to live this one unique.beautiful.crazy.hard. life well and in a way that (hopefully) points others to Christ.  And wowzers, do I need grace to help me do that:)
So grace for me has a two-fold meaning: elegance yes, but more importantly, divine grace.

I like to hope this little place can speak to all that is elegant and beautiful in life as I strive to live with grace, class, and when needed, some sass:)
So that's what behind my blog name...what about yours?


  1. I love this!! Your blog name is perfect! When I rebranded I just went with my name. I've always loved it (if you read yesterday's post then you'd know why!) and I am such a creature of change that I would end up wanting to change my name again in a few months. I figured my own name was timeless, so that's how I figured out what to rebrand to!
    Eva Marie

  2. I think Grace Kelly had such a classy style--and Rear Window is a good (though intense!!) movie. I like hearing the multiple meanings behind your blog name!

  3. You are speaking my language. I was just thinking of what I'm going to name my blog because Lunch Time Diary is not kicking it as I don't write my blog during lunch. So I've been kicking around a few names in my head to reflect what I want to write about but I've been a procrastinator on doing a revamp. And yet I have all these blog entry ideas. I'll get it together one of these days! Anyways..

    Keep writing! You're doing a great job!

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  5. I need a great blog name. I am still with the free blogger set up, and I threw the blog together in a day as a way to vent about the assumption that Catholicism is not women-friendly. In my haste, I forgot that I am not a fan of two words squished together. Now I need to think!

  6. I came to a name for our blog pretty easily, though I worried a bit before I started that it wouldn't be unique. Thankfully I haven't run into other Thresholders. I've ended up really happy that I found a good title quickly and one that is lasting. I wrote about it awhile back here: http://www.over-the-threshold.com/2012/10/evolution-of-meaning.html

  7. I do love to see what's behind a blog name, so thanks for sharing! I, too, had a blog with our family name when I first started blogging, but as I got more into it, I decided on my current name, "Every Day is a New Adventure." At the time, we were expats living in Europe and discovering new places each day, but then we came back to the states and started a family, and that in and of itself is a pretty big adventure!


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