15 February 2014

Batman, Bonhoeffer, & Dove Chocolate

My seven randoms of the past week...visit professional scorpion killer and author Jen for more quick takery!

1.  Last Sunday, after I came home from youth group Jim and I decided to do something random n' fun.  But it turns out at 10:45pm on a Sunday night there's not much out at the movie theater.  Jim decided to build a fort in the living room and we hunkered down amid pillows/blankets to watch "The Dark Knight Rises".  It was great movie, but it would have helped if a) I saw the movie before this one and 2) if we didn't have to hit pause every 20 minutes so I could ask clarifying questions.

2.  This week I started a really great new biography on the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer; a Lutheran pastor who was active in resistance against the Nazi's and part of plans to assassinate Hitler. Dietrich spoke out against the atrocities going on when many Christian pastors did not.

Don't let the thickness of the book scare you!  Its a fascinating story of one Christian man who stood up fearlessly to the face of great evil; even to the point of martyrdom. 
3.  Jim works a close shift on Valentine's Day.  My plan is to watch the Olympics, cook some chicken n' dumplings in the crock-pot, and fold laundry.  Tomorrow night we'll go do something...although the day did start off with a nice surprise of breakfast in bed; the best fresh grapefruit and trail mix I ever did taste:)

4.  Just a lesson in Dove chocolate philosophy...

5.  I'm excited to do some baking this weekend and over next week; especially with Jim working close shifts it gives me motivation to try some new things.  In the works are red velvet cheesecake cupcakes and blue-strawberry crumble cake.

6.  Last Sunday our youth group meeting was on pornography.  WOW. It was really awesome in terms of how the teens responded.  I was blown away and so proud of teens who put themselves out there to share their own personal experience of struggling and working to eliminate this behavior in their life.  It was one of those heavy hitter nights, but I loved the hopeful note we ended on with a quote from Pope John Paul II: "You are not the sum of your weaknesses and failures, but the sum of God's love for you."  I couldn't thing of a more hopeful message to end on.

7.  Because of the all this crazy polar vortex nonsense, we've actually started to get small leaks in the walls and ceiling right by our sliding door to the patio.  Oh and on the top of that, the drywall right by the sliding door is peeling off and water is soaking through.  Unfortunately, the maintenance crew cannot do anything until the weather changes and snow starts to melt.  So for all you lovely people who are praying for more of this winter insanity, please stop.  Cause I'm running out of buckets to collect the water leaks, and I wouldn't mind having the dry wall fixed soon.
If you can spare any extra bucket, hit me up.


  1. Fort nights are the best! Umm if you make red velvet cheesecake cupcakes, PLEASE share the recipe!! :)

  2. That Bonhoeffer biography by Eric Metaxas was definitely a life-changing read for me! Glad you are tackling it! It's so worth it!


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