08 December 2016

5 Great Podcasts (and their great episodes)

I love to read. But a close follow-up is listening to podcasts.

And that's why I love podcasts so much, because they are kinda like books. There are shows on everything, any possible genre you could imagine. 

Here are five great podcasts I think you'd really enjoy, with a particular recommendation for a certain episode.

1. The New Activist
The New Activist is a new-ish podcast created through IJM (International Justice Mission). 

This is an organization I am really loving learning about and ways I can support their mission of ending modern slavery in our lifetime. They have a heart for justice, the poor, and are doing some powerful work around the globe. 
This has quickly become one of my favorite news shows to follow.

Try this episode: Lu Cille Dejito (warning it is very heavy and could be triggering-topic on cyber sex trafficking of children) VERY powerful and sobering.

2. The Fountains of Carrots
I just love Haley and Christy! Every time  I see a new episode load, I get so excited because it feels like I am sitting down with real-life friends. 

Two lovely women chatting on all kinds of things like faith, books, living the liturgical year, culture, and more. Plus these two always have GREAT book recommendations! Because of them, my life has changed immensely through reading Anne of Green Gables. 

Try this episode: Why We Need Silence & Thomas Merton
This.episode. I read a little of Merton in grad school and my favorite professor loved his writings. This episode has given me great places to start to read Merton (whom I'm now love!) and gave great insight into the life and person of Thomas Merton.

3. The Liturgists
This podcast I just stumbled onto in August as I was moving into my apartment.

A show where the hosts talk on a variety of topics through the lenses of faith, creativity, and science. Their description reads, "Making room at the table for the spiritually homeless and frustrated," is a great summary of what you'll get with their take on hard topics. I love this one because they challenge me to think and stretch myself, especially when it comes to things we may have differing views on.

Try this episode: Black and White: Racism in America
Think you know it all? Well you probably don't. Great conversation + they give a ton of book recommendations to learn more.

4. Upside Down Podcast
This is new gem is in my weekly play list, but wow is it mighty and fierce! 

Five women having an unscripted conversation on life and faith. One of my friends Shannon is one of the co-hosts too! Just honest, genuine conversation...

Try this episode: Loneliness in the Kingdom of God

5. On Being
On Being explores a variety of questions from a variety of perspectives. What does it mean to be human, and how do we want to live? The show has conversations on any and everything. It does a great job of creating open dialogue to break down barriers of class, race, religion, political, and socioeconomic.

Try this episode: Fr. James Martin SJ on Finding God in All Things
Fr. Jim Martin is one of my most favorite writers and speakers. A Jesuit priest, here he talks on his journey of faith and how Ignatian spirituality can be something for everyone in all stages of life. One of my favorite episodes of this show!

I listen to so many shows, and it always seems I am adding more ;)
I'll share more another time!

Do you have any particular favorite podcasts?!

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  1. Thanks for these recommendations! I've listened to Fountains of Carrots and Upside Down Podcast (love them both!) but I've never heard of the other ones. The New Activist sounds particularly intriguing-I have a friend from college who has done quite a bit of work with safe houses and fighting trafficking and slavery in the U.S., and her experience has really opened my eyes to so many things!

  2. So honored to be among your favsies! I'm a fan of some of these too, but agree with AnnMarie, haven't heard of The New Activist yet! Thanks!!

    1. My pleasure, you 5 gals are one of my new favs! I LOVE NA...one of the guys from the Relevant Podcast actually started it:)


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