12 September 2016


Friday was my birthday, hence the title.

I have a wonderful group of friends, family, and volunteers in youth ministry. Friday night some sweet friends took me to a new favorite in Detroit. Saturday a friend from out of town visited and we tried the most adorable coffee shop in downtown Northville, and that evening had dinner+drinks with my brother and parental units.

After our Sunday evening leadership team meeting, the youth leaders and adult volunteers surprised me with cake, flowers, and dinner.

So basically my Weight Watcher points were toast. Up a little but worth every sip of that dee-lic gin tonic ;)

It has been quite the year: getting a divorce, moving in with my parents, starting annulment process, and moving into my own new home. Amidst the pain and worry, I am really, really excited for this coming year. 

I just have a fresh hope and anticipation God is doing something mighty in me, and trusting in that feels very secure. I am so excited and peaceful about where God has me.

Another blogger friend Bonnie did a list of things she wanted to do in her birthday year, and I thought  it would be fun to crank my own out list too. Here it is:

Thirty-One Things

1- Get a second tattoo

2 - Attend Onething 2016 Young Adult Conference with Sarah

3 - Read more books on Merton and Dorothy Day

4 - Run more half marathons

5 - Run a full marathon

6 - Read my Bible every day

7 - Smile more at strangers

8 - Read lots more books

9 - Do a silent retreat at the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky (where Thomas Merton lived & is buried)

10 - Celebrate my godson's First Holy Communion

11 - Write more letters

12 - Intentionally mentor several teens in youth ministry

13 - Get a third tattoo (maybe)

14 - More silence every day

15 - Weekly social media Sabbath

16 - Host a traditional Jewish Sabbath or Passover meal for friends 

17 - Host Christmas Dinner in my apartment for family

18 - Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy each day during the hour of mercy (3pm)

19 - Read books & listen to podcasts of folks who see life and believe things different from me

20 - Ask for more of Holy Spirit each day

21 - Grow herbs in the spring on my balcony

22 - Give birthday cards to staff members

23 - Drink more lattes + find new coffee shops

24 - Eat at Ethiopian restaurant

25 - Buy espresso machine

26 - Go on family vacation to Mackinaw Island

27 - Plan mission trip for youth ministry

28 - More silence in the car

29 - Vacuum once a week

30 - Learn more about essential oils

31 - Be radically available to Holy Spirit...still praying on what that means ;)

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  1. Happy belated birthday! That sounds like such a fun weekend! That Red Dot coffee shop looks awesome. Local coffee shops are the best! When I could make good coffee at home for much less money, I sometimes hesitate to spend more and go to a coffee shop-but then I think about how supporting good local businesses could practically be the 8th Corporal Work of Mercy (community building!) so then I feel lots better about it ;)

  2. This is an AWESOME list. A couple things...
    1) My godson wants to do a silent retreat at that place :) My sister and I are trying to find a weekend when we can all go together.
    2) your apartment has a balcony? I want a balcony I can sip coffee on.
    3) There's an Ethopian restaurant, the blue nile... I have been twice and I LOVE it each time.

    awesome list friend, happy 31st!


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