03 September 2016

20 things every woman needs in her life

I've given up on the idea of "finding balance" in life, it really doesn't exist. Like the word normal. Normal only exists as a setting on the dryer. Rather, I am trying live my life in "healthy tensions." 

Healthy tensions meaning I know life is not perfect or as neat and tidy as I'd like, but there is still plenty of things to be grateful for and find joy.happiness.meaning.purpose in.  Throwing away balance for healthy tensions helps me live more in the present and less in the future.

I've compiled a list of sweet, little things every woman can benefit from in her life. Read through and see what is already a part of your life, or what you would add to it.

When we take time to notice the intricate details and choose to make time for them in our everyday life, we discover gratitude for what we already have. And then we are able to start to notice all the other many unnoticed beautiful blessings in our life.

  1. A dress you love.
  2. A beautiful mug that just makes your morning coffee or tea more enjoyable.
  3. A signature perfume.
  4. A few minutes each day of silence
  5. A gratitude journal.
  6. A relaxing scent in your home--essential oils, WoodWick candles, fresh flowers
  7. A comfy, cute pair of slippers.
  8. A bra that fits. Who knew this could be hard at times to find?
  9. A red lipstick.
  10. A good planner.
  11. A trust worthy mechanic.
  12. A monthly subscription service-clothes, magazine, makeup, essential oils, meal prep guide, etc.
  13. A podcast you love. (Too many here to list them all!)
  14. A beautiful piece of art in your home.
  15. A real set of pearls.
  16. A great pair of sunglasses.
  17. A coloring book with markers.
  18. A cute pair of lounge pants for home. 
  19. A set of Mason jar glasses.
  20. A bold patterned shower curtain.

What would you add to sweeten up your life?

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  1. I recently was given a cool new glass with a lid that has a turquoise pattern...and yep, I'm drinking everything out of it, because it's so pretty! I've never really had a monthly subscription before, though.


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