15 September 2016

The 30 sisters I never knew I had.

While I love my younger sister, as the oldest kid deep down I always wished I had an older sister. Sure being top dog of the birth order has its perks, but sometimes it doesn't.

This weekend I am heading to Minnesota for a weekend retreat and get-together with almost 30 of the writers + creative minds behind Blessed Is She. It is a Catholic women's ministry where you get an e-mail each day with the Mass readings with a devotion to accompany it. Plus, now they a membership (complete with online classes!), a shop of gorgeous goodies, Facebook groups, and one of the most lovely Gram feeds I follow.

Y'all. I am SO flipping excited and have been saving up for my plane ticket since last spring.

It is crazy to think after chatting with so many of these lovely via Skype or Facebook messaging, I will finally get to meet them in person and give each a big hug.

I have had hit or miss experiences with making friends and/or small groups over the years, but I am blown.away. the sense of community and sisterhood with these ladies. It is so cool to be a part of something bigger than me in being a part of Blessed Is She.

My airline ticket is printed.

Laundry is finishing in the dryer.

And I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning giddy with excitement.

Cannot wait to meet you sisters I never knew I had or needed in my life:) 


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