14 September 2016

5 Ways to Make Your Book-Buying Habit Easier on Your Wallet

I like to read books. A lot. 
So much so, I like to keep  running list each year of all the books I have read. My goal is get to 80, maybe even 100 by the end of the year. #ihaveaproblem

While I love to read, it can easily get very expensive making regular trips to Barnes and Noble for my latest fix.

So here's a round-up of 5 smart ways I try to penny pinch when it comes to my voracious appetite for books.


This is a newer find for me, and it distantly related to eBay. On this site you can sell items (books, textbooks, music, games, and music!) for a fixed price instead of the auction system eBay is known for.

Shop Thrift Stores & Garage Sales

So this one takes more focus and energy, but scouring local re-sale shops or garage sales you might be surprised what literary treasures you can find. That is basically how I supplied my love of Nancy Drew mystery books in junior high.

Make friends with the Library

Okay.for.real. I loved going to the library something fierce as a little girl, but now I love it even more as an adult. I easily make at least 1-2 trips a week to return titles and pick up new ones. Some of the librarians even know me on a first-name basis. 
Oh and thank the good Lord for the renewal system in public libraries!

Before I ever buy a book now, I tend to try and read it the first time through the library.

I like this website because it is based on your personal interests and taste. Sign up for an account and then set what interests you, which tells Bookbub what you like to read. The site then alerts you to big discounts on e-books (and free too!) and you are able to read them on any device.

Book Swap with Friends

I have been to purse and clothing swap parties...who's to say ya can't do it with books?! Clear your bookshelf of titles you already devoured and score some new finds from your friends. Throw in a bottle of wine, some appetizers, and you've got yourself a party!

Any other book-buying tips you might add?

Happy reading! :)

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  1. Book party? Such a fun idea. And, honestly, I think I would read more if books came with solid recommendations from from friends. You could like, introduce the books and why you loved them before the swap. #love

    1. Mary, that is such a cool idea! It would give a book more meaning, too, if you know that a friend dearly loved it and thought highly of it. Plus, that presents so many opportunities for discussion and community.

  2. I love the idea of a book swap party! That's super cool. I am all about garage sales & thrift stores. Actually, years ago a pro-life group would host a book sale each year with lots of epic classic spiritual reading books, and they would be something like 50 cents each. So even though I haven't gotten to read them all yet, I've got a bit of St. Alphonsus Liguori and other great things packed away in a box (lots of my books are still at my parents' house, since my apartment doesn't have room for all of them). My favorite way to satisfy my book appetite is the library. I love putting books on hold-it feels like Christmas shopping for myself-and getting the e-mail when they come in! I also just found out about my parish's library, so when I'm done with my current stack of books I'll hit that up. I love how parish libraries have titles that I can't find in the public library system, so that way I can read them without buying them (since I already own so many books). I also ask for books for presents most of the time, since some books-particularly Catholic fiction-are usually harder to find at the library, and I like to re-read them so many times it's good to have my own copy anyway!

  3. Since our big move, I'm wary of actually buying stuff to keep, since another move will mean getting rid of everything again. So I'm super happy that our apartment building has it's own mini-library! I love grabbing books there, and since the selection is a bit slim, it's caused me to take a chance and try authors or genres that I wouldn't have spent money on if I were buying books, but ended up enjoying quite a bit!


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