01 January 2015

One Little Word {2015}

This past year I was amazed how the word I chose to challenge and grow me really did just that.

There were several area's I really needed to focus on in an intentional way. Looking back on 2014, I am blown away by all the lessons I have learned and insights along the journey.

Over the past week, I have been thinking a lot on what word I want to shape me in 2015.

The more I thought and prayed about it, the more I knew my word for 2015 was serenity.

Over the past year, I have really come to reflect a lot on what serenity means in my life.  Serenity is not just for people working the 12 steps but really for everybody. Serenity is about peace, calm, surrender, and stillness. In our crazy fast-paced world today, who doesn't need more of those in life?? Serenity is about being at peace with yourself and your place in this crazy, beautiful world. It is about accepting life on life's terms...and being at peace with that (or striving to) no matter where life takes you.

Serenity is about acceptance and surrender. Throughout 2014, I really began to pray from the heart the Serenity prayer. These words stretch me like a rubber band, and remind me that I am really not in control. Even to this day I still set alarms on my phone several times a day to stop and take a few minutes to really pray these words from the heart.

Serenity is teaching me to accept the many things/situations/people in life I cannot control (which at times are many!). As a recovering control freak, it is quite the reality check to accept the idea that I'm not in control.

The only person I have control over is me, and sometimes that can be hard enough. It takes a lot of courage to be aware of the things I can change and then to act on them in faith. However, it takes even more wisdom to discern and know the difference between the two.

And that's what I need more and more as 2015 starts: more peace, acceptance, surrender, courage, and wisdom...

2015 is all about serenity for me.

Are you choosing a word for 2015?

What will be the word to inspire you the coming year?


  1. What a great word. I love the breakdown of serenity into acceptance and surrender. I'm not doing a resolution persay, but focusing on different aspects of mental/emotional/physical health, so my "unofficial" word is health. Blessings in this New Year and in your path of serenity!

  2. Love that you chose serenity. I chose peace as my word. It has been tugging at my heart for awhile, but I'm still not sure how it will look day to day. I hadn't thought of the serenity prayer! I think I may steal that idea from you :)


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