07 January 2015

Stop Chasing Perfect.

I have some deep seated perfectionist tendencies in me. I want the apartment to look clean all the time, everybody to like me, more blog followers, and my marriage look like its put together all the time. If it doesn't look perfect, something is not right.

Chasing perfect has come in many different shapes and sizes throughout life: comparing myself to others, feeling I'm not good enough at certain things, wanting more likes/follows on social media, like I don't have enough friends, and honestly the list could go on. Over the years, chasing perfect has left me tired, unfulfilled, exhausted, frustrated, and at times not liking myself...because I couldn't meet exceptions that the world offered to me.

The world puts expectations on us. Some are good like paying taxes; nobody wants to go to prison for stealing from the government. And some are not so good; you have to look/act a certain way, money makes you happy, when you have the perfect house/job/marriage then you'll be set in life, etc.

I am really focusing on serenity this year. And as I kick off 2015, I have started reading this book and working with power sheets to strategically plan goals to make what matters in my life happen. Think dreaming, creativity, and goal setting X10 (I would highly recommend them!!). Both have got me thinking and dreaming...thinking about the goals I have for myself and how do they align with God's will for my life....dreaming about the things that fire me up and bring energy.joy.passion.to my life.

And all of this has got me thinking on how to go from "mindless living" to "purposeful living". For me, one of the ways I mindlessly go through my life is trying to be perfect or work to meet expectations that actually don't really amount to a hill of beans. When I give up on perfection, I can make room for more grace...God's grace, which is transforming. Constantly seeking after and striving for perfection never works. But living with purpose and on purpose helps me open up to God's will for my life. And that's what I want more of as I work through creating and setting goals that inspire/challenge me; more meaning and purpose...more living on purpose.

Guess what? Our apartment is a hot mess sometimes, some people don't and won't like me, I don't have a "big" blog, and our marriage is far from perfect and can be messy. But in the end that's okay.
Trying to juggle all those different things we think have to be perfect is exhausting, and eventually some will fall and hit the floor. Life doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Life doesn't have to be perfect to be filled to the brim with meaning and purpose. There is purpose, meaning, and joy found even in the messiest of messes.

Knowing that is freeing. It gives us freedom to just be ourselves...freedom to make mistakes...and freedom to give up control and grab onto God.

Goodbye perfection! Hello purposeful living!


  1. This is wonderful. Hello, purposeful living. :)
    The Starving Inspired

  2. This is so spot on, and I can totally relate. The worry over being "perfect" definitely takes time and energy away from the things that actually deserve our time and energy! Enjoy the "serenity" :-)

  3. I love how our different words of the year seem to be leading us in similar directions. Thanks for the encouragement - it is always nice to know you're not alone

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