09 January 2015

Find Yo People

Community is a funny thing. We all need it and we all desperately crave it; a place to fit in and belong, a place where you're loved and accepted for who you are.  We crave it. And God knows all of this. We are made to be in community with Him and each other, its written into our very soul.

Over the past year or so I have been learning about friendship and intentional community. I have had to make difficult decisions realizing that certain people where no longer good friends to have in my life. And that's never fun to have to deal with. But I have also been blown away by the surprises God has led me to to find deeper more authentic friendships and a true sense of community.

Since I started writing for Blessed is She, I've been blown away by the many different women I have gotten to know through the inter-webs. Whether it is our own blogs, prayer requests on Facebook groups, or a particular daily meditation; we really have become a community built and centered around our faith...which by the way are the best kinds of communities.
I feel like I can a lot of these women friends, mentors, and even sisters! Community can be difficult and even tricky to find online sometimes

Working with teenagers is its own brand of something crazy. Awesome, but crazy nonetheless. Having a supportive community of youth ministry friends and mentors helps balance all that organized chaos. Two of my closest friends in high school and college are now youth ministers in the local area near me. I love being able to call them up for advice, prayer, or of course an occasional lunch "work meeting." I love being part of a church that creates support and networks for those who work and minister with the young church.

At our church, I have been so blessed to be a part of faith-sharing/support/prayer group. These ladies are salt of the earth and hands down some of the most faithful, courageous, and strong women I have ever met. They have taught me more about strength, growth, and surrender than any group of people I have ever met. These gals are my hero's.for many reasons. As 2015 begins, I am really looking forward to retreating away for the night today with them off for some peace, prayer, and quiet.

Being in community takes work and can often be messy. It is vulnerable and may feel a little scary at times...but when you find your people, the ones who pray with you, celebrate with you, challenge you, cry with you, and encourage you, cherish them deeply. Hold onto them with all you've got. Because that is THE best kind of community...people who love and accept you for who you are and where you are, no strings attached.

Maybe you're reading this and feel like you don't have such a place in your own life. Honestly, we've all been there. Be open and and ask God to lead you and send you the right people in your life. I know in my life I've had to do that too. Fear not, God has a community and people He wants you to be a part of.

So go out and find yo people. We all need each other.

Where have you found life-giving communities to be a part of? Who are your people?


  1. Amen to this. The life-givingest community I've found is actually the small group of friends I've accumulated over the years... which is like 3 people. They're so faithful (to God and to our friendship) and it's a blessing to have peers who are living for God.

    The Starving Inspired

    1. I LOVE you said life-givingest...such a fun word! Good friends and community are the best

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