26 January 2015

In God's Eyes, We Are All Superheroes

Me personally I never played with action figures growing up...except only when my Barbie dolls needed my brother's GI Joe's for protection. And after the time one of the GI Joe's ripped off one of my Barbie doll's head, lets just say GI Joe was out of a stable job.

This weekend I finished one of the many new books I got for Christmas, and this particular one has become a new favorite of mine. Serenity is quickly becoming a theme for me in many ways. Many of the chapters in Fr. Jonathan's book were so insightful and enlightening for me, but one chapter particularly got me thinking.

If you ever dreamed of wanting to be a super hero, did you ever consider that's what God wants for you too? He just wants us to use those amazingly cool gifts and super-powers for Him and the kingdom. Jesus needs all of us: the writers, painters, dreamers inventors, stay-at-home mom's, teachers, etc. He needs all of us engaged and committed to the mission which is souls, the salvation of the world. The world can only become what God intends through the committed actions of believers. We are not called to a life mindless living and passivity but to being an active catalyst of change.

When Jesus ascended into Heaven, his last words to the disciples were not about hunkering down in a safe place twiddling their thumbs waiting for the second coming. The last words of Jesus were an enormous and daunting commission: "Go out to the whole world and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19). And those words, they were addressed to all of us.
The world needs us who call ourselves a disciple of Jesus to use our gifts and talents out in the world, just like super hero's use their powers to protect and defend. Imagine if Super Man didn't use his potential to fly to swoop down and save the person drowning? Or if Spider-man tried using his web to jump between building but he fell splat on his face? Um, awkward?
Okay so you and I cannot fly or squirt an instant spider web out of our hands, but we are called to be superheroes. We are called to make a difference in this world...and at the end of the day, that is all a superhero really is.

The Church is not just a building, but a body of believers. The life of of the Church needs to extend beyond just the front doors of the church and especially beyond Sunday morning. We have to be flashlights in a world of darkness and salt to give flavor to those who find life not worth living. What is the purpose of things like leaven, flashlights, and salt? Their purpose is to radically change the world around them. And in our own unique way, each of us can do that too.

So go out and be a difference maker. Go be a superhero. Just be you.

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