08 September 2014

Don't argue about pickles

Of all things to fight about on a Friday night with my husband...pickles.  Really!?

A few weeks ago our good friend was spending the weekend with us.  Jim and I got home late and realized that at 10p it would probably be a good idea to get some dinner going.  It usually helps to cook good meal when there's more than cheese and lemon juice in the fridge.

Since I didn't feel like consuming a meal of lemon juice, I busted out the can opener and tuna fish.  I was in the middle of draining and mixing up the tuna and realized I could use an extra hand slicing up the pickles to throw in the tuna.  Jim didn't seem thrilled that his guitar playing was interrupted with my request to slice pickles.  And like a loving, attentive wife how did I handle that?
Well I continued to nag.  And nag.  He continued to not like that.

The next thing I know we're yelling (yes yelling) over who would slice the pickles.  Of course because we are such a classy couple we decided to carry on about the pickle drama to the point of potentially making our lovely house guest feel like an awkward bear. #worsthostsever

The next morning our wise sage of a friend called out our crazy making for what it was...which was pretty cray cray.  In the end, we resolved the great pickle crisis of 2014 with a peace treaty and handshakes all around.

All in all, fighting over pickles really isn't that big a deal in the scheme of things.  And the fact it was almost the Cuban Missile Crisis over pickles is something to laugh about now.  Whatever that stupid stuff is you fight about with your spouse late on Friday night, its really not about that.  
Good thing I have the maturity of Lucy Ricardo to not let the petty fights in marriage get to me...well I've still got room to improve.

May your fights be fair and not about pickles!


  1. Haha. Thanks Patty! I needed that this morning :)

  2. Perfect. The fights Aaron and I have gotten in are just as ridiculous!

  3. Oh girl - while we haven't fought over pickles, we've had our fair share of crazy fights too! Your honesty is so refreshing. Glad you two were able to sort it out, and that you can laugh about it now. I think being able to laugh at yourself is one of the biggest keys to really enjoying the ups - and downs - of marriage :)

    1. Oh yes it is! Laughing about the crazy dumb stuff helps for sure!! And hey it makes for good memories later right? ;-)

  4. Oh yeah, I swear, more often than not, when you recount a marital fight, it's about the silliest of stuff. Our famous first ever fight was about towels. And it sounds quite ridiculous now, but was very upsetting at the time.

  5. Those silly, crazy marriage fights sure are memorable aren't they?! Pickles...how funny! But, it's true. You requested his help in the kitchen trying to make dinner after a long day and he wasn't feeling it. So glad y'all worked it all out and are at peace about pickles now :).


  6. This is a classic case of a hangry fight! Happens to us too often ;)


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