04 September 2014

Blessed you will be...

...when you read Blessed is She.

There is something awesome happening and quite frankly it will rock your socks off.  The inter-webs are abuzz lately about a new devotional site for women that seeks to draw all deeper into Scripture.  Born in the desire and prayers of Jenna, this online devotional is quickly becoming a community and growing into a movement to help women get into the Word of God with relevant application to daily life.  I am crazy excited to be a part of this team of lovely ladies helping to write the devotional; already it feels like we're becoming a community together in this effort.  Bring.it.Holy Spirit.

So how exactly does this work?  Well, every day you receive an e-mail with the Mass readings along with a short , relevant reflection written by women in a variety stages of life and vocations.
I don't know about you, but some days many days I fail to get my daily dose of the Word of God.  Before I know it, I am choking down some cereal and pulling out of the driveway before it dawns on me I failed to prioritize time with God to start my day.  Argh.

One of the great things about Blessed is She is the easy access and relevance of the devotionals.
I cannot think of a better way to start a day at the office when I am checking my e-mail!!

To sign up, head over to Blessed is She and your e-mail address to subscribe.  You get an official e-mail that directs you to confirm your subscription.  Its as easy as that.  I know right!?

Part of the beauty of this ministry, is that is really becoming a place for women to support and encourage each other...to pray for and with each other...to build each other up in love.  Aren't those things more of what we want to in the world?!
The daily devotional is great, but if you're looking for extra community and encouragement feel free to follow Blessed is She on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

I highly, highly encourage you to share this wonderful ministry with other special women in your life...sisters, cousins, aunts, friends, nieces, etc.  I am even going to share this with our teen women's ministry program at church!

So go subscribe...tap into this beautiful community of sisters in Christ...
And may you be greatly blessed!!

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