03 May 2018

A Faith-Filled Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day can sometimes be a painful holiday. 

Whether your Mom is gone, or you grieve the loss of never getting to hold your babies in your arms, it can bring up a lot of big feelings. I always say a prayer for those women whom this day is often difficult.

Whether you are a psychical mom or spiritual mom, here are some gift ideas at Blessed is She for celebrating the women in your life who are mothers or have been a mother to you in your own life.

Encourage Bible Memory Cards

These Bible Verse Cards are great for memorizing Scripture or send them as an encouraging note to a sister or girlfriend. I have hung mine from a shelf in my living room. When I have memorized those six cards, I will rotate six new ones in.

Catholic Journaling Bible

While I am not a terribly artsy or creative person, I have really enjoyed the extra wide margins to write notes or jot down thoughts while I am praying with my Bible. The extra space has been really helpful for me, especially as I am the type that loves to write in the Bible.

Saint Print Set

These and the Spring Prints are new. Good gracious, I LOVE the Saint Print Set. My favorite is Fiat, but in all honesty I will probably end up buying them all.

Liturgical Academic Year Planner 2018-2019

I really love this planner and I have tried several of the fancy big-name planners (Emily Ley and Erin Condren), but this is the most comprehensive I have ever used. 

I am most excited that the weekly grocery is perforated so I can tear it out from the planner and take it with me when I go grocery shopping. And for the first time we've rolled out a MINI planner, that is easier to carry around in your diaper bag, purse, or backpack.

Feminine Genius Tee

Women are such a gift to the Church, thanks Saint John Paul the Great for all your good words on the matter.

I am eagerly waiting for when this shirt will be available.

But I LOVE this one I wear frequently at home.

Marian Posters

May is the month dedicated to the Blessed Mother. And there are several Marian posters that would be a great touch of Mary for a woman you love. 

My favorites are the Memorare and the Morning Offering. I am currently trying to decide which one to buy for my bedroom.

Hope some of these idea's spark your imagination to share beauty and truth with women in your life this Mother's Day.

And thank you for supporting my writing by using affiliate links. :)

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