16 November 2016

5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Running

When I started running 2ish years ago I didn't realize how many things running could teach me besides why exercise matters. 

What I did not realize, however, was how many life lessons running would (and continues) to teach me. 

Let's start off with where I need the most help shall we friends?

One of the virtues I most often suck at and constantly need more practice. Patience leads to self-awareness, discipline, and more refined character...again all things I need more of. I have learned to be patient with myself in pacing, not getting the time I want in a race, and not screaming at the person driving in front of me not using his turn signal.

Being patient with myself and others reminds me, to slow down and not get bent out of shape by life.

You can do hard things.
This is my anthem, my battle cry in life right now.
Never say never because you can do the hard stuff.

Sometimes the only thing holding you back is your mind.
This is especially true for running; how much impact the mind has on the body's ability to perform. There is a point where you hit a wall, and the only thing that gets you across the finish line is positive self-talk and willing your mind to get it done.

Negative self-talk in any form will kill you. The power of lies we often so easily tell ourselves does more damage than we realize sometimes.

The messages we tell ourselves are crazy powerful. Sometimes really the only thing holding you back  is your mind. Believe it can happen and it just might.

Prepare, but go with the flow.
Prepare, work hard, do the best you can with what you have, and then go with the flow whatever happens.

If we put in our time and prepare well, we need to find comfort in the fact that we've done our best. Then let it go. #serenitynow

Suffering makes you stronger.
True in every sense, in every life situation. Insert Kelly Clarkson singing here.

The hardest, most difficult things in life have the potential to be life changing lessons. And when that happens, you are stronger and more resilient. 

Kelly Clarkson really was right, what doesn't kill you really does make you stronger.

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  1. I really like how you bring up negative thinking! For pretty much forever, I've stayed away from running because "I'm not a runner" and "I can't do running." BUT...yesterday, I decided that enough is enough, so today I found a certified trainer who has youtube videos to help people get into running. So, I started a gentle one today, and I'm going to commit and work hard so that eventually, I can run a 5K. You have been a big inspiration in the running department-thank you! :)


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