03 June 2015

15 Things Running Has Taught Me

Happy National Running Day! I thoroughly enjoy this day falls 2 days before national doughnut day...which is the real reason I run ;-) #themoreyouknow

It was about this time last year I started running and have stuck with it since then. Sometimes I am still amazed I have stuck with it, because my track record of exercise and I has not been that great. But here I am; already on my second pair of running shoes and marking October 18 on my calendar for the Detroit half marathon.

Last year I started out slow. Now I am little less slow.

So here's a little love to something that has helped me love myself better and taught me a lot the last 365 days...

1. Self-confidence 
2. A reason to use all those work-out pants and tops I've bought over the years
3. An opportunity to stretch myself physically and work hard for a goal that matters to me
4. The ability to memorize all types of music, from musical soundtracks to hip hop...
5. More acceptance of my body and physical appearance than I've ever had in my entire life
6. 'Me time'...Teaching me the importance of self-care and that it's not selfish to take care of my health and body as much as I would my soul and spiritual life
7. A way to take of my body that I actually enjoy
8. A stronger body
9. A lot of practice at healthy, positive self-talk
10. The importance of chasing dreams (even if they feel impossible at times) and working hard for goals that matter to me
11. To NEVER give up on myself
12. All kinds of new information to help me reach my full potential
13. Why and how the food I eat matters
14. How to prioritize taking care of myself
15. I can do anything I set my mind to with hard work

Any of you into running? Do you have any tips or tricks to keep you focused on your fitness goals?

Happy running!

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