14 November 2016

Calling An Esther Generation

Growing up I loved strong female characters in books and movies. I would play dress up as Laura Ingalls Wilder or pretend to be a great writer like Jo March. I loved seeing different ways women do bold, beautiful, and courageous things with their lives and for other people. 

It left me inspired and dreaming big dreams for myself. 

I find myself thinking a lot about Esther over the past few days (and yes especially since the election).

One of my favorite women from the Bible is Esther. Finding herself a young queen amid the crisis that her people were facing annihilation, her place and time in history were delicately planned by God. And the same with each of us.  

For such a time as this...

For such a time as this were you and I created. 

The times we live in are more like the times the early Christians lived in. By that I mean, to call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ in this world today demands a radical boldness the early Church survived on.
You are where you are for such a time as this. Not to gain anything, but to risk everything.

Our world desperately needs an Esther Generation. Our world is crying for justice, mercy, and healing. Queen Esther saved her people because she was bold and took a risk in faith. She trusted that God wanted to use her life for a purpose greater than she imagined. 

What does it look like to trust that God wants to use my life like Queen Esther?

For such a time as this...to speak out against attitudes that demean the dignity and respect of women.

For such a time as this...to break down barriers of racism, hate, and class privilege.

For such a time as this...to fight against crimes where women and children are abused and trafficked.

For such a time as this...to break down denominational and ideological barriers that divide us.

For such a time as this...to show more love and less judgement.

For such a time as this...to make the world a little less cold through acts of mercy.

For such a time as this...to listen, welcome, and respect the "other".

For such a time as this...to speak honestly about the addictions that destroy lives and families.

The more I learn about myself, heal, and live on this planet the more I see how much more meaningful my life is when I give it away. And like Esther, I want to use the life I've been given to give others life. Is this what Jesus meant when He said, "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his life?"

Yes I think that is exactly what He meant. A life of meaning is a life poured out in love, service, justice, and compassion. Life has purpose when it is given away.

Right now in our country, many people are scared, angry, or confused. People are trying to make sense of many senseless things in the world we live in. 

What would it look like for each of us to be Esther in the lives God has given us?

What does it look like to be an Esther Generation if you're single, married, a mom, writer, speaker, teacher, librarian, dancer, bank teller?

Our country, our world is aching for more Esther's. I know I am not there yet. But I want my life to be bold and brave like Queen Esther...even if I have to spend my whole life trying.

So what would it look like for God to use your life like He did with Esther?

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  1. Very beautifully said, Patty. Loved this.

  2. Patty, I love this! You're absolutely right. Instead of whining about the state of the world (which I've unfortunately done a couple times), we should be like Esther and proactively bring more love and mercy to others! Now I really want to re-read the story of Esther-I'm going to make some time to do that this week. Thank you!

  3. Esther was an amazing woman--it certainly is always the right time to do the work God has given us to do with the talents He provided.


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