25 July 2016

Technology + Growing in Faith

Hi everyone, I'm Lauren from When Beauty Met Truth, blog and Etsy shop!  

I want to give Patty a HUGE thank you for asking this newbie blogger to write a guest post while she's off to World Youth Day!!  Can you take me in your luggage Patty???

So today's topic of discussion is...drum roll please...faith and technology!  

So often we hear about the evils of the Internet and how it can take us further away from God.  Of course it can be used for that very reason, but I have a list of sites and apps that can bring us closer to God and help us to learn more about our Catholic faith.  

This post is really about taking advantage of technology that inspires and uplifts us in our faith journey.

I work out of my home and spend a lot of my time sitting at my desk.  I am one of those people who cannot stand to work in silence for hours.  I always need to have something playing on my computer (so I don't imagine that every random noise in my house is that of a stealthy burglar.)  

While I will be the first to admit that I struggle with getting sucked into time wasting sites on the Internet (I'm looking at you Netflix) I recognize the need to balance out all of the frivolity with things that feed my faith.  So I have compiled a list of some of my favorite sites, blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels that help me do just that!

Blogs and sites:
National Catholic Register (America's most complete Catholic news source and a service of EWTN.) 
Blessed Is She (Subscribe to this website and receive the daily readings and a reflection in your inbox each morning.)
Formed (A sort of Catholic Netflix if you will.  Watch and listen to Catholic movies, programs, CDs and audio books.  It also includes talks by Lighthouse Catholic Media, which are fantastic!)
The Chastity Project (A great resource for leading a life of chastity, with articles by some of your favorite chastity speakers.) 

YouTube Channels:
EWTN (I can and have sat for hours watching episodes of The Journey Home and Women of Grace)
Ascension Presents (I love Fr. Mike Schmitz's byte size teaching moments on pop culture and our faith.)
Breaking in the Habit (Answers to common questions about the Church, culture, and religious life from a young Franciscan friar.)
Catholic Answers (One of my go to places when I have a specific question about Church teachings.  If you have a question no matter how random, chances are its been asked and answered here.)

Word on Fire Sermons (Bishop Robert Barron's weekly homily.)
Catholic Bytes (Ten minute episodes that tackle various aspects of the faith.)
The Jennifer Fulwiler Show (Jennifer's take on modern life through the lens of a Catholic convert and mother of six.  Prepare to be entertained!)
Women of Grace (This radio program instructs and inspires listeners while answering questions about living the Catholic faith in the world today.)

Laudate (Daily Mass readings with prayers, meditations, virtual rosary bead counter and so much more!)
Catholic Emoji (A Catholic emoji keyboard with stickers of your favorite saints and sacramentals!  Texting has never been so fun!)
Confession: A Roman Catholic App (This app helps you to make a good examination of conscience and answers all of your Confession questions.)
FOCUS Equip (Filled with talks and tools from FOCUS to help you evangelize others.)

What are some of the blogs, podcasts or apps that you love? I would love to hear your suggestions!
Thanks Lauren! Having a good stock of encouraging online resources I find makes it easier to use my online life more intentionally:)

Lauren is an artist from El Paso, TX. She started her Easy shop as a side business while she tried to determine what career she was "really" supposed to pursue. Eventually, her "side job" came to "the job" God had called to all along. She now works out of her home to bring art and faith together as a way to evangelize others! When not painting, she can be found reading a good book with a cup of tea in hand, binge watching Netflix, or planning future trips around the world.

Be sure to go check out and get to know more about Lauren on her blog and her gorgeous shop too! :)

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  1. Catholic emojis apparently doesn't work :( I installed Confession, great app, thanks!

    1. Oh no! That's really strange because it works on my phone. Did you install the gif keyboard?


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