08 July 2016

Power of Community + Membership Perks

Real, authentic community is one of the most life-giving and powerful forces in a world where likes and re-tweets rule. Having a community to call my own has challenged and empowered me; it has called me on to be a more loving Christian woman. 

Two years such a community was a big dream in the heart of Jenna Guizar

Since then, Blessed Is She has grown exponentially. What was once a dream and a prayer has turned into daily devotionals with Scripture, brunches for women all over the globe, retreats, journals for liturgical seasons, and regional Facebook groups. 

It has become a revolution of love: genuine love for each other as sisters in Christ and a deeper love for Christ & Scripture.

Blessed Is She is now embarking on a new chapter.

There is now a new membership option.

Your membership will include:
  • Monthly workshops offered by a variety of incredible speakers on matters relating to faith, prayer, culture, and Church teaching. Members will also have lifetime access to workshops for easy re-watching.
  • The very popular Lent & Advent journals will be auto-shipped right to your door. These journals are just gorgeous!

Priced separately, workshops are $15 each and journals are $20 apiece. So your membership fee of $9.99 a month or $99 a year means you'll save at least $100 each year! 

Even if you cannot financially swing this for yourself, please share with other women in your life who would benefit, who are looking for ways to grow in their faith.

Blessed Is She has has been a community that has totally surprised me and blessed my life in countless ways. As a part of the editorial and writing team, I can honestly say these women are my people; the additional sisters I always wanted growing up.

One of my favorite quotes growing up is from C.S. Lewis: "Friendship is born at the moment when you say to another "What! You too? I thought I was the only one..."

The beauty of community is when we see and experience these words; the fact that we're not the only one. And I am excited to see how this new adventure for Blessed Is She continues to support women.

Subscribe today. I promise you will not regret it.

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