09 May 2016

Grace Kelly Style. 5 Simple Ways.

Last night I was very excited to discover a new Grace Kelly movie added to Netflix that I had never seen, To Catch a Thief. Plug for Hitchcock movies, except Psycho!

Scenes of the French Riviera and elegant dresses left me binging on style pictures of Princess Grace and re-reading parts of her biography last night. Which then led to me thinking about simple ways to have style like the Princess of Monaco in 2016.

1. Pearls
One of Grace Kelly's favorite pieces was a simple string of pearls. They can make a simple outfit look stunning and come on how do pearls not make you feel a wee bit glamorous? 

Pearls can be rather expensive. I have this set from JCrew I got on a big sale several years ago. When I was in Madrid several years ago, I did splurge and treat myself to a real strand of pearls with matching earrings and bracelet. Whether you buy high end or some elegant costume jewelry it is still a way to add something special to any outfit...and feel

2. Simple Hair & Make-up
Grace Kelly never struck me as fussy or high-maintenance when it came to her hair or make-up. For her, less was always more. Simple hairstyles that don't take a lot product or fuss can also make morning routines go faster.

With her make-up, Grace Kelly never went overboard, and more often than not, she seemed to apply it in such a way you would swear she wasn't wearing any at a all. She played up her natural beauty too. Oh and can we just agree that she rocked out the bold lip!? #swoon

3. Lace
No, not like your grandmother's old lace tablecloth. But lace (kind of like the pearls) just adds something special. Princess Grace's wedding dress is a great example of this. Even Kate Middleton, whom some call a modern Grace Kelly, is a fan of lace in how she dresses. My favorites? This and that.

4.The boat neck
I didn't realize until recently but the boat neck style is very iconic to Grace. What I like about that neckline is that a nice scoop is more visually pretty than a straight line. Maybe a nice strand of pearls would look good here ;)

5.  Less is More
One thing that has always struck me on the style of Grace Kelly, was that less really was more. Another one who did this well too was Audrey Hepburn. Elegance was about simplicity and playing up the features of your natural beauty. I think more of that is coming back a little with the trend of minimalism. 

Though you don't have the budget of a princess, you certainly can feel like one in little ways that make a big difference how you feel about yourself.

Who are some of your favorite fashion icons? How does their style inspire you to be creative with your own fashion?

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  1. Audrey Hepburn is such a classic as well. I can't go wrong asking myself, "Would Audrey wear this?" before I buy something. Thanks, Audrey, for saving me from leopard print harem pants. To be honest, these days I'm less interested in being creative than just avoiding frump.

  2. I just saw it on Netflix as well...Grace always had a simple yet very girly approach to dressing which is admirable and inspiring. However, my favorite by far is Audrey...possibly because she always gets all the hype, so frequency breeds familiarity.


    1. Oh yes for me it is a tie between Audrey & Grace, love them both:)

  3. Hitchcock movies for the win!!!! I grew up on his movies, and just Friday night I actually watched one I had never seen before ("Suspicion," with Cary Grant). I like how you point out her simplicity in hairstyles. I think it's easy to feel daunted at different hairstyles, but like Grace, if we intentionally do something simple and beautiful, it can look really awesome.

    I don't really have any celebrity fashion icons, but at this point in my life I draw a lot of my fashion inspiration from the 1960s. Some of my dresses are more in line with the early 60s, but a lot of my clothing choices tend towards those of the hippies in the late 60s. I have a lot of fun and creativity with it! :)

  4. She was such a beautiful woman! I think those simple hairstyles took a pretty talented hairdressers or at least a set of rollers, though. We tend to me much more low-maintenance in hairstyles now that wash-and-wear is considered acceptable. Her dresses are always gorgeous, and I enjoy the movie "To Catch a Thief"

  5. Such a beautiful, classic style! I love a boatneck!


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