02 May 2016

5 Money Saving Apps for Daily Living

March was not a great budget month. I paid all my bills and saved what I needed but I did a little more fudging of numbers than I knew I should have. Definitely not something I want to keep repeating.

I want to stay focused and committed to the game plan of getting out of debt. And after my dose of March Madness, was looking for some ways to stay focused. 
Over the last week I have been researching different money saving apps to that help not break the bank or monthly budget.

Here are some new ones + one or two personal favorites:

Talked about this app earlier this year and I'm still hooked!

Driving an old white boat (aka 99 Lincoln Continental) I want to make this car last long as possible. And finding cheap gas is always at the top of the list in car maintenance.
For me, this is an app worth the time and use!

Checkout 51
I was reading about this one over the weekend. Checkout 51 is kinda like a digital coupon book with grocery savings upwards of $5.

After you pay, take of picture of the receipt and scan into the app. Then you are credited for the total amount of savings. The app updates itself every Thursday and payouts are available after reaching $20 balance.

I typically like shopping at Aldi because the prices are already pretty good, but this could be good for the occasional trip to other big name grocery stores.


An oldie for me, but a goodie. Kinda similar to the money motioning app Mint, this app lets you plan and see where dollar of the monthly budget is going. You can add, delete, or tweak things pretty easily.
Oh also its free!

Doesn't have some of the other perks of Mint, but overall user friendly and I like how it is connected to message of Dave Ramsey (whom is helping me get out of debt slowly but surely:)


This isn't really news to probably a lot of people but I know people who use it regularly for things like travel, date nights, etc. I knew of a couple who got a rocking deal on their honeymoon to Europe through Groupon.

Whether for a local date night or something more luxurious like a spa day, using Groupon for those planned special somethings can help stretch the dollar a bit more.


ShopSavvy allows you to scan barcodes of all types of products and compare prices of where to find the best deal for all types of things.

If you are committed and enjoy using particular products or food items, this could help you price compare and find the best local deal to near you.

Anything else you would add?
Do you have any particular money saving apps that you really enjoy?

Happy savings!

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  1. I just got the Every Dollar app last month. It helped me save SO much money. Big fan over here :)

  2. I've never actually used Groupon before, because I never found a deal that really fit us, but I've definitely browsed it and the deals are very interesting...

  3. These are great! Thanks for sharing Patty! I'll definitely be looking into Checkout 51. Groupon emailed a savings code a month or so ago and I ended up getting a massage for $3 that I plan on using post comprehensive exams. Yay for savings!
    Peace, Sarah

  4. Retail me not is awesome! It has coupons for stores and restaurants, which is really handy for splurge days. You don't have to be on a store's mailing list to enjoy the savings and don't need to worry about leaving your coupons at home. As long as you have your phone, you can save

  5. I don't have a smart phone so I don't use apps, but a friend of mine highly recommended Ibotta to me, which is probably very similar to Checkout 51. I've used Groupon occasionally, and it is very nice as a way to stretch a dollar for a special occasion :)

  6. some fantastic money saving websites listed above that i think all have their benefits. i for one think the groupon one has to be one of the best and one i will now use.

    i also really like saving money but dont use apps, i use websites and love the Gratisfaction UK website which has lots updated very often. it saves me heaps and should be added to your list.


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