06 May 2015

Making Life Online Matter

Since the the start of 2015, I have slowly begun to evaluate how I spend my time and why. Giving life a closer look has been revealing to me the area's where life has become more mindless living instead living with purpose and intention. One the area's I have spent a fair amount of time with is looking at how and why I use social media. Am I using times of connectivity purposefully or just am I just endlessly wasting time?

Last week on the gram, there was a photo share going around of what is currently on your night stand at home. When I shared mine, one of the items was a copy of my social media mission statement. After promptings from Kristel and Lauren on what it was all about, I decided to share what its all about.

I have mentioned this book several times this year, and honestly it was where the idea of creating a social media mission statement came from. I have seen how using my online times of connectivity can actually be used on purpose, not just mindless fluff or trying to keep up with other people.

In her book, Lara writes: "I wrote down a clear mission statement for my social media use so that when I do go online, I know why: to encourage other people to know God. When I find myself wanting to quit the Internet again or slipping back into using it as an escape, I got right back to that mission statement to check my motive and get back to giving." source

Knowing the why behind what you're doing can actually make it more focused and intentional. So I am running and starting to train for a half marathon this fall. The why behind this goal for me is I want strengthen my body and prove to myself I can do this (even though there are certainly days I don't want to run!). Knowing the why behind any actions keeps you motivated. Keeping copies of my mission statement at my desk at work and on my bedside table at home are good reminders for me to always keep in check how I want to make my online life matter.

After really thinking about it, I knew these things were important and needed to be in my mission statement: I want my online life to make a difference and be purposeful...Through social media I want to empower and encourage others, not just mindless likes and scrolling...I want to be real, genuine, authentic, and glorify God. Now of course I don't do this perfectly, but when I do go online now, I have a better understanding of why. I am slowly learning how to use times of connectivity on purpose.

So in relation to blogging, know the why. Some helpful questions I found in writing my mission statement where:

  • What do I want my online life to be about? What is its purpose?
  • Why do you blog? What can you offer and share with your readers?
  • What gifts and talents do you have to share in the online world?

If you wanna see a copy of my social media mission statement, hit me up! I just didn't know how to attach a word file to a blog post. #nottechsavy

Would you add any other questions to the list? What is missing?
How do you strive to make your online life matter?

I am curious what y'all will have to say...

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  1. I think it's very important to have some outlines for yourself about what social media is for you and how you intend to use it--because it's all too easy to simply use aimlessly when you don't know your own purpose.


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